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College Visits

College Visits

Each year, CS&A holds numerous college recruitment events, which give us the opportunity to meet with aspiring teachers. College visits include career and job fairs, information sessions, and individual interviews with CS&A Placement Associates.

This fall, we will visit the following colleges, universities, and career events. For more information about our school visit and college job fairs schedule, please email us.

College, University or Consortium

Date(s) of Visit

Harvard Career Fair Sept. 5
U Penn Career Fair Sept. 5
Brown Career Fair Sept. 17
Dartmouth Career Fair Sept. 17
BC Career Fair Sept. 18
SLAC Virtual Sept. 19
Holy Cross Career Fair Sept. 24
Providence College Career Fair Sept. 24
Williams Career Fair Sept. 25
Georgetown Career Fair Sept. 26
Bates Sept. 29-30
Oberlin Sept. 29-30
Bowdoin Sept. 29-30
Denison Sept. 29-30
Tufts Career Fair Oct. 1
Yale Divinity School Oct. 1
Colby Oct. 1-2
Kenyon Oct. 1-2
St. Lawrence Oct. 1-2
Holy Cross Oct. 6-7
Union Oct. 6-7
Skidmore Oct. 7-8
Middlebury Oct. 9-10
Brown Oct. 14
Princeton Oct. 14-15
Johns Hopkins Oct. 15-16
Yale Oct. 16
Lafayette Oct. 15-16
Columbia Teachers College Oct. 15-16
Georgetown Oct. 16-17
Harvard Oct. 20
U Conn Oct. 20-21
Colgate Oct. 20-21
Tufts Oct.  22-23
NYU Oct. 22-23
Hobart Oct. 22-23
Hamilton Oct. 22-23
LARC Oct. 24
BC Oct. 23-24
Cornell Oct. 23-24
Lehigh Oct. 23-24
BU Oct. 27-28
Duke Oct. 27-28
Rollins Oct. 28
Elon Oct. 28-29
Wesleyan Oct. 29-30
Davidson Oct. 29-30
Dartmouth Oct. 30
Colorado College Nov. 3-4
UVA Nov. 3-4
Providence College Nov. 3-4
Williams Nov. 4-5
Pomona Nov. 5-6
Northwestern Nov. 5-6
U Chicago Nov. 6-7
Klingenstein Nov. 6-7
ECCD Nov. 7
SLAC Video Conference Nov. 7
U Penn Nov. 10-11
Trinity Nov. 11-12
Bryn Mawr/Haverford Nov. 11-12
Washington University in St. Louis Nov. 11-12
Vanderbilt Nov. 11-12
Amherst Nov. 11-12
Brandeis Nov. 13
Swarthmore Nov. 12-13
Sewanee Nov. 12-13
Mount Holyoke/Smith Nov. 12-13
Harvard Divinity School Nov. 7; 14
Harvard GSE Nov. 13-14
Bard Nov. 17-18
Franklin & Marshall Nov. 17-18
Dickinson Nov. 18-19
CIC - NY Jan. 6
CIC - DC Jan. 7
CIC - Boston Jan. 9 
NYRC Jan. 9 
SLAC DC Jan. 9 
SLAC Video 2 Feb. 20 
Emory  TBD
Morehouse  TBD
Spelman  TBD

Florida State

Lesley TBD
Wellesley TBD
Wheaton TBD
Bucknell TBD
Stanford GSE TBD
University of San Francisco TBD
Carleton College TBD
Gettysburg TBD
Grinnell College TBD
Macalester College TBD
Presbyterian College TBD
Reed College TBD
Rice University TBD
Virginia Tech TBD
Wake Forest TBD
William and Mary TBD
Wofford TBD

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Instagram pictures by @carneysandoe. Clockwise from top left: Bucknell University, Boston College, Dickinson College, Wesleyan University, Colby College, Franklin and Marshall College.