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2017 Diversity Forum Agenda

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With our third-annual Diversity Forum approaching fast on January 28 in Philadelphia, we're pleased to share the agenda for the Professional Development Symposium. Like our other conferences, the Diversity Forum is an opportunity for our candidates and hiring schools to connect in one location, on one day. Unlike our other events, the Diversity Forum features opportunities to participate in leadership and professional development panels centered around discussing issues of diversity in our schools and communities. The two components of the event will run concurrently; candidates and school representatives are encouraged to attend panels when they do not have any interviews scheduled.

Check back for more details about our honorary faculty leading and participating in each session.

Between the panel topics and keynote speaker Dr. Cornel West, we're counting down the days until Philly and hope to see you there!

Not registered yet? Schools can register here, and candidates here.

7:30-8:00 a.m. Light Breakfast

8:00-9:30 a.m. Opening Program (Commonwealth Ballroom)
• CS&A Welcome
• Keynote Address, Dr. Cornel West
• Q&A Session with Dr. Cornel West

10:00 a.m. Interviews Begin (Millennium Hall)

10:00-11:45 a.m. Session Part I

Panel #1: “When I Discover Who I Am, I’ll Be Free:” Building a More Inclusive Community – Strategies for Success (Commonwealth Ballroom A)

Leader: Ron Kim
Panelists: Kai Bynum, Jada Hebra, Derrick Gay, Rodney Glasgow, Kevin Jennings

As our communities continue to become more culturally, socially, and economically pluralistic, how do schools provide an environment that is representative of, and responsive to, the needs of students and faculty from all backgrounds? As Ralph Ellison noted, “America is woven of many strands…our fate is to become one, and yet many.” This workshop will investigate new ideas and strategies for cultivating a more inclusive community at your school. What are some concrete steps you can take to ensure that the curriculum and culture at your school is reflective of all?

Panel #2: “Beyond Recruitment: Retaining a Diverse Faculty and Staff” (Commonwealth Ballroom D)

Leader: Sherry Coleman
Panelists: Hamzah Henshaw, Justin McLean, Ali Michael, Sidra Smith, Ingrid Tucker

While independent school populations are continually reframing and redefining their practices to ensure an inclusive vision for their communities, faculty retention remains an urgent challenge. This workshop will seek to develop innovative approaches and methods for establishing successful faculty retention systems at your school. Lessons on retention initiatives from your school, and critically examining both the successes and failures – what made the difference?

Panel #3: “Owning Your Narrative, Uncovering Your Blind Spots” (Commonwealth Ballroom B/C)

Leader: Felicia McCrary
Panelists: Jennifer Christensen, Elizabeth Denevi, Philip McAdoo, Eric Osorio, Mark Reed, Kaliq Simms

How do you ensure that you’re pursuing a professional life that is driven by your own deep rooted passions and motivations? Who do you have in place – mentors or otherwise – to help you see what you can’t see? This session will explore strategies focused on increasing self awareness and self-realization. We will also discuss some practical tips related to presentation, “presence,” and public speaking.

1:00-2:30 p.m. Session Part II

Panel #4: “Brilliant Corners” – Achieving Your Dreams Through Leadership Opportunities (Commonwealth Ballroom A)

Leader: Ingrid Tucker
Panelists: Kai Bynum, Ron Kim, Felicia McCrary, Eric Osorio, Mark Reed, Sidra Smith

As schools continue to reflect increasingly multicultural student and faculty communities, the need for candidates of color in key leadership roles remains critical. This workshop will explore new approaches and strategies for progressing from teaching to administration. How can you best position yourself to turn the corner towards leadership advancement? What are the challenges and opportunities in the passage to the next level?

Panel #5 “For These Are All Our Children:” Tackling Conversations about Race, Gender, Class, Religion, and Politics (Commonwealth Ballroom B/C)

Leader: Elizabeth Denevi
Panelists: Rodney Glasgow, Jada Hebra, Hamzah Henshaw, Philip McAdoo, Justin McLean, Ali Michael

“For these are all our children; we will all profit by or pay for what they become.” ~ James Baldwin. As social protests continue to erupt across our nation, and with the results of the 2016 presidential election still echoing across all levels of our public, personal, and social media lives, school communities can provide a critical space for dialogues on race, gender, class, religion, and politics. How can you, as an aware and supportive educator, best prepare and position yourself to facilitate these conversations? How do you address concepts of racial, LGTBQ, religious, economic, and political intersectionality in the K-12 classroom?

3:00-4:30 p.m. Session Part III

Panel #6 Town Hall: “Tell Your Story” (Commonwealth Ballroom A-C)

Leader: Jennifer Christensen
Panelists: Derrick Gay, Kaliq Simms

As research has shown, there is no better way to connect and grow together than by sharing stories and personal anecdotes. We hope people will feel comfortable to open up and share their journey.

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