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6 Things to Love About Independent Schools in Vermont

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A bit ago, we told you about how each fall we visit our client schools across the country. As members of our Placement Team travel far and wide, we thought it would be useful to share some of the memorable (and probably unknown) highlights from the various schools, colleges and universities, and cities and towns we visit. Not only do we want to promote the amazing learning communities we work with to find and hire great faculty members, but we figured our highlights might be useful for those who are gearing up for a job search this winter and exploring new areas of the country.

We started off by sharing our top 10 favorite things about schools in Raleigh and Durham. Recently, Placement Counselors Liam Gluck and Haley Middlebrook headed up north from our Boston office to visit the schools of Vermont, and couldn't stop gushing about their trip. Here are six reasons why they love schools in the Green Mountain State.

1. The Putney School is located on Elm Lea Farm, a 500-acre working dairy farm. Students break around 10:00 a.m. every morning for “Milk Lunch,” a term that comes from dairy workers who would break after their morning milkings. Students enjoy snacks like cheese and crackers, maple scones, or smoothies.

2. Burr and Burton Academy sits atop a hill just minutes from Main Street Manchester, VT. Manchester is home to the ORVIS company, a fly-fishing school, quaint shops, tasty restaurants, cozy pubs, and a handful of outlets if you’re missing big-city shopping. An added plus, Bromley Ski Resort is a mere 15 minutes away, offering incredible skiing in the Green Mountains.

Burr and Burton Academy

Burr and Burton Academy

3. Long Trail School is nestled on 16 acres in Dorset, VT. Dorset is home to the oldest marble quarry in the U.S. and provided the New York Public Library’s main branch with much of its famous marble. The quarry is now a popular spot for swimmers to cool off in the summer.

Long Trail School

Long Trail School

4. Ten students at Putney have an opportunity to live in one of five cabins on campus, heated by wood stoves. The wood is chopped by a team of students and the students living there light the stoves. Completely surrounded by Vermont wilderness, there is a lot of trust required but a lot of growth gained.

5. Burr and Burton’s Mountain campus is located 15 miles away from the main campus in Peru, VT. Students participate in a semester-long program where they are immersed in nature while studying the local resources and conducting fieldwork. Students and staff commute back and forth from the LEED-certified building campus everyday.

6. Every Thursday, Putney students SING! Led by an enthusiastic musical director, the students are sectioned off by voice type and given a song book filled with a wide range of songs. When the sunlight shines through the wall to wall windows and songs fill the large, wooden building, a bit of magic happens among students and staff.

Putney School

Sing at Putney School

With the independent school hiring season coming up this winter, we hope this list has piqued your interest in Vermont schools. More school visit highlights from our Placement Team are coming in the near future, so stay tuned!

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