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8 Interesting Facts About Atlanta and its Schools

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Highlights from our annual school visits continue with a trip down to a city full of Southern charm, musical heritage, history, and — you guessed it — great independent schools. Read on to see what Kim Garner, Director of Operations and Conferences, found memorable about her visit to Atlanta.

1. The Galloway School is located in Chastain Park, which is the largest city park in Atlanta at 268 acres. Horses…swimming…and golf, oh my!

2. 4D Learning is Galloway's unique approach to teaching and learning. No two classrooms look alike, no two teachers teach in exactly the same way, and students are a seen as an important and crucial part of the learning process.

3. Kim spent a day at Emory University interviewing undergrad and graduate students who are interested in being future educators. Did you know Asa Griggs Candler, the founder of Coca-Cola, gifted Emory with large chunks of land in 1915? It’s considered poor school spirit to drink any other soda on campus.

4. The Children’s School in Atlanta is located right in the heart of the city across from Piedmont Park. The school just added an eighth grade for the 2018-19 school year, and everyone there is very excited about this new chapter.

5. After a devastating arson fire destroyed the St. Martin’s Episcopal School Early Childhood learning center in 2017, the school is hard at work to rebuild. The new space will double the size of the original building to 19,000 square feet and offer additional classrooms, a multi-purpose space, and a STEAM village that includes an expanded science lab, tinker space, art room, and an outdoor classroom and natural play area.

6. St. Martin's Communication Arts curriculum in middle school sets students on a path to learn the ins and outs of journalism. The program includes the online newspaper, The Shield; Warrior TV, a student-driven TV news show; the Mosaic arts magazine; and The Legend, St. Martin's yearbook.

7. Kim was lucky enough to spend time at Holy Spirit Prep on both their Upper and Lower School campuses. Fun fact: in sixth grade, students are inducted into Houses, just like in Harry Potter.

8. Atlanta is home to 71 streets with a variation of the word “Peachtree” in their names: Peachtree Avenue, Peachtree Plaza, etc… however, there are no peach trees in Atlanta, nor are peach trees native to the area!

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