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Eradicating Racial Inequality: Two Resources Featuring Lawrence Alexander

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We are in the midst of a nationwide discussion about racial injustice in America as the country – and the world – continues to see protests following the police killing of George Floyd and other unarmed Black people. Businesses and schools are seeing the immediate need to reevaluate their policies on diversity and listen to the experiences of their constituents of color as they work towards creating fair and inclusive environments.

No stranger to this type of work is Lawrence Alexander, CS&A's Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and search consultant for our DEI Consulting Practice. In his work, Lawrence has helped K-12 schools and universities across the country examine and remove implicit bias from their hiring and admission practices. He also conducts workshops on anti-bias training and increasing cultural competence among faculty and administrators.

Given his deep experience and expertise, Lawrence was a featured guest on WBUR's “All Things Considered” radio program on June 8, where he spoke about how schools and companies are responding to conversations on racial injustice and what leaders can do to better address race issues. It is not the onus of Black employees, Lawrence says, to educate white faculty or staff on how to better understand and address race issues.

Says Lawrence in the interview,

“There are too many available resources for leaders who are white to take the shortcut by asking people in front of them when they should do the work that's in front of them.”

Listen to the full interview or read highlights here.

On the June 10 episode of The PilotEd Podcast, Lawrence had a discussion with producer Kyra Kellawan on the importance of educators doing active anti-racist work. In order to effectively reform race relations and eradicate structural racism in our societies, we must carefully select educators and schools leaders who are committed to equity and inclusion work. Lawrence again emphasizes that “it's white people's responsibility to fight racism, just as a majority male culture is responsible for combating patriarchy and sexism.”

Check out the podcast here.

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