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With Appreciation for Our Colleagues

Our colleagues are the fabric of Carney Sandoe. Without their passion, empathy, and dedication to their work, we would not be able to help sustain and advance independent schools during a time of such rapid change. One teacher, one leader, one school at a time, the people who make up Carney Sandoe's Placement Group and Search and Consulting Group strive to ensure that the schools we partner with and the people who shape them continue to thrive and serve students well.

We like to say that we have a “thank you” culture at Carney Sandoe, meaning we intentionally spend time expressing our gratitude and appreciation for one another. Just the small act of acknowledging someone goes a long way, and it has made all the difference during the past challenging months.

With that concept in mind, we want to take a moment to share the note below that was recently sent to our President and shine a light on several of our amazing employees. Suffice to say they all deserve an A+ grade!

Good morning Devereaux,

I hope you will indulge me by allowing me to share a story about my hiring experience this year.

Yesterday our President/Head of School asked me to speak to the Parent Diversity Committee about our hiring season and our plan to recruit a diverse faculty.

This conversation began last October when we hired over 20 people in July to expand our Lower School in order to socially distance. Of those 20 hires, there were very few who were people of color. This was not a statistic that pleased our community.

As I prepared to share information about this hiring season, I reflected upon why we were able to hire, to date, 5 people of color out of 9 filled positions. It has always been a goal of mine to diversify our faculty. It is not new for me. It has been difficult because I found limited numbers of candidates.

Yesterday I credited you, Carney Sandoe, and your team with our capacity to find a broader range of candidates. I explained that you are the most effective recruitment firm for education. I also said that I work with a few recruiters who specialize in diverse candidates, and have not had the same results as I have found with Carney Sandoe this year.

I was able to point to the trailblazing work you have done in the field of DEI. I showed your website and the links you have. I shared my experience at the Diversity Hiring Conference. I also said your commitment is so dedicated that you have a team in place, including Lawrence Alexander (who has national recognition as a leader in this field), to help schools with these issues.

I know that every independent school in the country has the same goal, and I know how busy this keeps your team. I never feel like I do not have your colleagues’ full attention and commitment throughout the process.

I know that our school is known and the people I work with help make the right match.

John Faubert and Rice Bryan were so helpful in securing our two new division directors – even working throughout the winter holiday break.

Lawrence Alexander is a true partner in our work. He is a compassionate listener yet a truth-teller and strategist.

DZ [Diana Zito] has been incredibly helpful with our tech hires. She asks the best questions and really understands who is best suited for each position we have filled.

Liam Gluck visited our campus (prior to the pandemic) and still is able to tell candidates about our campus and culture with first-hand experience.

Kim Garner – a magician and diplomat! 

The list goes on and on.

All this to say, thank you. Every year that I approach the hiring season, I feel like I am reconnecting with old friends. I have seen the growth and adaptability that your leadership has brought to your organization, and I am truly grateful.

With admiration and gratitude,

Ria Maxwell
Dean of Faculty/Director of Human Resources


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