CS&A Speakers Bureau

CS&A believes in the power of the shared idea. As speakers, our consultants are capable of resonating with your specific audience needs.

As the largest consulting firm serving independent and like-kind schools, Carney, Sandoe & Associates is an unmatched team of experienced school leaders. Each year, we visit and work with more schools than any other firm. Because we spend most of our time in the field, doing the work, we are more up-to-date than those who are just “on the speaking circuit.”

If you have a conference, professional development program, colloquium, or an affinity group, consider inviting CS&A to work with your group.

Some of the areas our Speakers Bureau specializes in include:

  • Board development and board training, board chair training, board-head relationships
  • Emerging trends in school leadership, new essentials of headship
  • Leadership transitions
  • Marketing and messaging
  • Strategy-making and strategic planning
  • Goal setting and evaluations
  • Executive coaching for success
  • Governance issues for any size and stage of board development

We can present on a specific topic, or we can design and facilitate an entire program. Our presentations are interactive. Our retreats utilize case studies, large group or small breakout sessions, and are customized for each school’s specific needs. We frequently present at national, international, and regional association conferences, as well as individual school meetings and retreats.

Among the tools we use when working with groups are:

  • Case studies and discussions
  • Large-group presentations
  • Programs custom-tailored to a specific set of needs
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Retreat design and facilitation

Groups that have used our Speakers Bureau services include:

  • National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)
  • State and regional independent school associations
  • Individual schools
  • International associations
  • Affinity groups (e.g., admissions officers, NBOA)
John Berger
Ralph spent 24 hours with our board and gave us plenty to think about as we began a new chapter in our school’s history. With a brand new president and principal (following a “legacy” president who had been with us for over four decades), Ralph energized us to take a step back and clarify how our board could effectively govern “at 30,000 feet” while giving our new leaders the space and support they needed. Every board member left the session with a clearer sense of purpose, pride, and understanding of the work "that only the board can do.” We are grateful to Ralph for his insight, his passion, and for encouraging us to become a much more effective board.
John Berger St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute See More Success Stories