COVID-19 Updates

March 26

Dear Valued School Partner,

As referenced in our outreach last week, we’ve been working to aggregate various resources that may be helpful for you regarding virtual hiring and how you may more effectively navigate this process.

We have created a resource page where we've collected some early case studies and suggested practices on this topic. We'll be sharing additional examples and information as we learn more in the next few weeks.

As we conduct our research, we know that the single most effective resource we have at our disposal is the collective wisdom, creativity and good will of you – our client schools. Many of you have already been in conversation with us about the creative ways you’re starting to tackle the hiring process, now that your campuses are shut down indefinitely.

To that end, we’d greatly appreciate your participating in our five-minute survey on virtual hiring [survey was sent via email]. Our plan is to quickly collect the data and share it back to you and our participating schools. We believe this information will be a great benefit during this difficult time, so we hope you’ll take a few minutes to participate.

Sending you and your loved ones all our best wishes,

Devereaux McClatchey
President, CS&A

March 23

Dear Valued CS&A Candidate,

During these very difficult times, we are writing to express our hopes that you and yours are safe and well. We also would like to pass along the message that Carney, Sandoe & Associates stands ready to provide you with career and job search assistance.

In the past couple of weeks, we have been canvassing our client schools regarding how their hiring process might be impacted by COVID-19. Under what seem to be shifting sands, schools are trying to assess which jobs need to be filled for 2020 and which searches may be pushed to 2021 or cancelled altogether. It is becoming more clear to us that the recruiting timeline will be pushed back into the spring/summer for 2020 searches, except for those processes which were already well along coming into March.

We understand that you must also be going through your own thought process in terms of your job search. Accordingly, we encourage you to be in touch with your CS&A Team when you can to update them on your search status. I typically remind candidates to think of the “reporter questions” – what, where, when, etc. – because, if any of them change, it could impact how we direct your search.

Many schools have expressed an interest in shifting their job searches to be 100% virtual, so we have been working on a collection of resources on virtual hiring practices – for both schools and candidates – and we are seriously considering a virtual hiring event (or two) for the spring/summer.

To that end, click here to view our Virtual Hiring Resources page . In the name of building community around this topic, we encourage you to leave comments or share your own experiences.

We understand that even under the best of circumstances, job searches can be stressful and taxing. In this new environment, the anxiety is only amplified. To that end, we hope you’ll continue to lean on us for support and counsel moving forward. We will be here for you, and we will get through this together.

Sending all our best wishes,

John Faubert
Managing Associate/Director of Placement

March 18

To Our Valued School Partners:

During this extraordinary time, we want to make sure you know that the team at Carney, Sandoe & Associates is here for you and ready to help in any way that we can.

In light of COVID-19 and its impact on schools, we understand that hiring decisions may be pushed to later this spring or summer, or even to next year. But we also recognize that ultimately certain positions will need to be filled and that hiring will remain an important component of your planning process over the next few months.

While we have transitioned to working remotely, we remain in close communication with our active job seekers, now more than ever. We hope that once some of your most immediate short-term planning for COVID-19 abates, we can engage with you about your specific needs and share insight regarding the strengths and motivations of referred candidates.

We’re also working on other ways how we may be helpful during this uncertain time. We will be sharing a collection of resources and case studies on virtual hiring practices next week, and shortly thereafter we’ll be hosting a webinar on this topic. We’re also considering hosting one or more virtual hiring conferences later this spring – incorporating what we learned from our recent virtual New York City event.

We admire and appreciate the extraordinary work you are doing right now on behalf of your school communities. We love our jobs at CS&A because we love schools, and we feel a deep sense of kinship to you and the work you are doing.

Thank you for your partnership and your leadership. These are challenging times; we stand ready to help in any way that we can.


Devereaux McClatchey
President, CS&A

March 10

Carney Sandoe has made the difficult decision to cancel our FORUM/Southeast hiring event scheduled for March 20 in Nashville and FORUM/Washington D.C. scheduled for April 3.

Just as schools have been doing across the country, we have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and discussing what makes the most sense in terms of how we should handle our remaining hiring events. This situation represents unprecedented territory in that we are faced with rapidly changing safety concerns. The reality is that our hiring conference attendees work directly with children and we will not put any of you, your students, or your families at risk.

Registered schools and candidates have received a separate message. In the coming days, we will be sharing more details with respect to any alternative plans, either in the form of a rescheduled event and/or the possibility of hosting a virtual (i.e. fully online) event later this spring.

We’re grateful for your partnership and understanding as we navigate these difficult times.