Equity & Inclusion

“Reveling in our differences, and finding out what connects us; this is the process that brings us closer, that gives us a world of shared values and meaningful community.” bell hooks

At Carney, Sandoe & Associates, we believe that increasing equity and inclusion in schools, and particularly within and among K-12 faculty, is an enormously important goal for the overall well being and growth of all students. Both empirical, data-driven research, as well as gut-driven, anecdotal reflection tell that as diversity and inclusion increases within a school community, children learn better, cultural prejudice and ignorance decreases, and school communities thrive.

In January of 2015, we launched our first annual FORUM/Diversity in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our purpose in hosting the event was two-fold: 1) we wanted to provide a forum where educators could enjoy a series of workshops committed to the themes of equity and inclusion in schools; and 2) we wanted to host a hiring forum where job seekers from underrepresented communities and hiring contacts could meet for faculty recruitment interviews.

Our expectations were modest – maybe 100 people for our inaugural year. We were thrilled when almost 1000 people showed up to the event! It was truly a home run. And this past year in 2017, the event was even larger and – based on hundreds of positive “testimonials” from participants – hugely impactful at multiple levels.

Our commitment to increasing inclusion in schools is not limited to our annual Diversity Forum. We strive to find ways to contribute on this front in everything that we do.

In terms of recruitment, our placement of candidates of color in K-12 jobs has increased by 120% over the last three years.

Each fall we visit and interview a number of outstanding job seekers at historically-black colleges.

We keynote and/or otherwise participate in a smorgasbord of national conferences and symposia which are dedicated to increasing cross-cultural competencies and inclusion work, including:

  • The BOLD Diversity Workshops at the Galloway School (Atlanta, GA)
  • The Kingswood-Oxford Professional Development
  • NAIS’ annual People of Color Conference

We remain committed to improving our self-awareness on these issues. Through multiple on-site professional development workshops (with experts like Derrick Gay and Sherry Coleman), we continue to explore the various way in which we can grow and learn by identifying our own implicit biases and challenging preconceived orientations.

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