2018 Schedule

We're pleased to share the schedule for FORUM/Diversity 2018.

Friday, January 26

7:30-8:00 AM − Light Breakfast
8:00-9:30Keynote Address: Tim Wise, one of the most prominent anti-racist writers and educators in the United States
9:30-10:00 − Coffee Talk: Coffee, conversation, and networking
10:00 − Interviews Begin (through 5:00 PM)
10:00-11:45 − Session Block 1

Panel 1: “All of Us Are Called: Tackling Conversations about Race, Gender, Class, Religion, and Politics” (Part 1) (Commonwealth Ballroom B/C)
Philip McAdoo (Leader), Sherry Coleman, Rodney Glasgow, James Greenwood, Judi Williams
“All of us…are called to renew our minds if we are to transform educational institutions−and society−so that the way we live, teach, and work can reflect our joy in cultural diversity, our passion for justice, and our love of freedom” – bell hooks
As social movements continue to sweep across the nation, highlighting and challenging contemporary cultural issues from #metoo to the rise of the alt right, school communities can offer an imperative space for conversations on race, gender, class, religion, and politics. How can you, as a conscious and compassionate educator, best prepare yourself to facilitate these dialogues? And how do you effectively address topics related to racial, LGBTQ, socioeconomic, religious, and political identity in the K-12 community?

Panel 2: “Women and Leadership” (Commonwealth D)
Kisha Palmer (Leader), Jennifer Christensen, Monica Elmore, Nicole du Fauchard, Tran Kim-Senior, Juna McDaid
Although women comprise a substantial percentage of independent school faculty, their representation diminishes significantly in head of school and top leadership positions. In an effort to answer the call for equal access and representation, this discussion seeks to construct new methods and practices for women educators in the pursuit of leadership opportunities at independent schools. What are the challenges and opportunities in the passage to leadership as a woman in education? Are the past procedures for advancing opportunities still relevant in 2018? And what are the best practices for creating boulevards of growth as a woman leader in this day and age?

11:45-1:00 PM − Break
1:00-2:30 − Session Block 2

Panel 3: “Navigating the Independent School World: A Primer for Beginners” (Commonwealth D)
Varghese Alexander (Leader), Lawrence Alexander, Mirangela Buggs, Deren Finks
Joining an independent school as a new faculty member represents a plethora of opportunities. From making a difference in the lives of others within a collaborative and supportive community, to advancing learning through innovative curriculum and professional development, the educational possibilities are endless. But if you are transitioning from a public school position, higher education post, non-profit role, or another facet, the journey can be a unique one. This session will serve as an introduction to how one can successfully make the transition to serving at an independent school. Come ready to learn tips, tricks, and strategies from school leaders who navigated their own transitions (and the advice, lessons, blunders, and blessings gained along the way).

Panel 4: “Giant Steps:” Transitioning from Teaching to Administration (Commonwealth A)
Chance Sims (Leader), Juna McDaid, Priscilla Morales, Mervan Osborne
With the continued growth of culturally diverse students and faculty in the independent school landscape, the vital need for leaders of color remains critically important. This workshop will examine methods and strategies for transitioning from teaching to administration, and how to successfully land a department chair, dean, division head, or head of school position. How can you best prepare yourself to answer the call for leadership and help serve your school community? Are the pathways of leadership pursuit from the past still cogent in 2018? And what are three crucial actions you should take, both inside and outside the classroom, in the process of pursuing administrative roles?

2:30-3:00Coffee Talk: Coffee, conversation, and networking
3:15-4:30 − Session Block 3

Panel 5: “Where Do We Go Now? Navigating Privilege and Equity” (Commonwealth C/D)
John Gentile (Leader), Tran Kim-Senior, Mariama Richards
Reflective of our contemporary moment, and as educators working together to build a more inclusive and equitable world, where do we go now? How does privilege (both visible and invisible) shape and define our cultural perspectives, both individually and collectively? What are some approaches that have worked (or not worked) in developing an equitably responsive climate at your school?

5:00 − Friday Concludes

Saturday, January 27

7:30-8:00 AM − Light Breakfast
8:00-9:00 − Opening Program: Session Block 4

Panel 6: “From Diversity to Inclusion: Improving Recruitment and Retention” (Commonwealth A/B)
Priscilla Morales (Leader), Varghese Alexander, Chance Sims
As schools focus on innovative programs and practices to diversify their communities, recruitment and retention remains an essential challenge in the process of building a far-reaching and culturally responsive teaching base. This workshop will help foster new ideas and techniques for ensuring successful faculty recruitment and retention at your school. What have been some successful strategies (and relatedly, not so successful approaches)? What is the value for culturally diverse educators at your school, and how can your school increase that value? And what are some tangible steps for creating supportive environments to promote successful retention while ensuring cultural pluralism is reflected in your school’s educational goals?

9:00 − Interviews Begin (through 2:00 PM)
9:00-10:30 − Session Block 5

Panel 7: Continuation – “All of Us Are Called: Tackling Conversations about Race, Gender, Class, Religion, and Politics” (Part 2) (Commonwealth C/D)
Philip McAdoo (Leader), Sherry Coleman, Rodney Glasgow, James Greenwood, Judi Williams

Panel 8: “(New) American Avenues and Cultural Crossroads: Critical Conversations in Your Community” (Commonwealth A/B)
Lawrence Alexander (Leader), Mirangela Buggs, Mary Anton-Oldenburg, Kisha Palmer
As our country and our world concurrently evolve towards a more multicultural and global society, school campuses face an even greater need to support inclusive classrooms and communities. This workshop will explore new approaches for cultivating a culturally pluralistic environment in your school. What are the best techniques for building an authentically inclusive community, where all members are reflected not only in the curriculum, but also in the customs and the wider school culture? How can you best position yourself, as a teacher or administrator, to support these efforts? And what are some strategies for successfully facilitating and navigating conversations around identity, race, gender, equity, and social justice at your school?

10:30-11:00Coffee Talk: Coffee, conversation, and networking
11:00-12:15 PM − Town Hall

Town Hall: “Lift Every Voice” (Commonwealth A/B)
Rodney Glasgow (Leader)
“What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.” -Oprah Winfrey
Town hall format to share truths, goals, and lessons learned.

2:00 − Saturday Concludes


*Please note schedule is subject to change.

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