2023 Keynote Speaker: Michael Tennant

Michael Tennant


Michael is the founder and CEO of Curiosity Lab, a purpose-driven venture studio and consultancy that builds products and experiences that teach empathy. Michael is an award-winning media, advertising, and nonprofit veteran for companies like MTV, VICE Media, P&G, and Google. Early in his career, Michael struggled to find advocates and mentors that looked liked him and that cared to guide him during those early days. It is this lack of representation and mentorship that inspires his commitment to bringing opportunities to communities that need them most.

In 2017, Michael founded Curiosity Lab and in 2018, he created the viral conversation card game Actually Curious, which is designed to bring people closer together and teach tools for empathy (www.actuallycurious.com) and has been featured by the New York Times, Oprah and the TODAY Show. Michael’s long term ambition is to turn teaching empathy into a business empire that advocates for diversity, mental health, and well-being through products, content, workshops and technology.

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