International Leadership Appointments

  • American Community School of Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi)

    Monique Flickinger Superintendent, Appointed for 2018

    Monique Flickinger will join American Community School of Abu Dhabi following four years as the Head of School at The Metropolitan School of Panama. She began her career teaching middle and upper school math in schools throughout the United States, Canada and Costa Rica. From there she transitioned to Assistant Principal of Stevens Middle School in Port Angeles, WA then Principal at Evanston Middle School in Wyoming. She also served as both Director of Instructional Technology and Middle School Principal at the Poudre School District of Fort Collins, CO. Monique holds a BA from Brigham Young University, an MEd in Educational Leadership from University of Victoria, a certificate in Leadership and Teaching from Harvard University and is nearing completion of her EdD in Educational Leadership from University of Wyoming.

    The American Community School of Abu Dhabi is a nonprofit, college preparatory institution driven by student learning. In partnership with parents we empower students to define and shape their futures. Our international student body of approximately 1,200 students, representing 60 countries, receives an excellent education based upon an American style curriculum. At ACS we have created a community of learners who feel a sense of belonging, are able to ask and answer questions and know the value of being life-long learners.

  • American International School of Kingston (Kingston, Jamaica)

    Shane J. Kells Head of School, Appointed for 2018

    Shane Kells will join AISK after an eight-year tenure as Head of School at the Canadian International School in Bangalore, India. Previously, he served as Principal at Korea International School for four years. Shane was a Founding head at Utahloy International School in Zeng Chang and served as Head of School for five years. Prior, he worked as a teacher, curriculum designer, and administrator at the Technical Studies Institute in Abu Dhabi. Shane has also worked as an elementary school teacher at the EE Oliver School in Canada and at Udomsuksa School in Thailand.  A seasoned world traveler, he holds a BA in Sociology, as well as Elementary Education from University of Alberta, an MEd in Education Technology from University of Southern Queensland, and an MEd in International Schooling from University of New England.

    The American International School of Kingston (AISK) is an independent, non-sectarian, non-profit, co-educational private day school from Early Childhood through Grade 12. AISK is the leading international school in Jamaica and is fully accredited by AdvancED/SACS and is an IB World School. Founded in 1994, this U.S. Department of State-sponsored school is designed to serve both the children of the international community and the local community. The curriculum is based on United States standards through grade 10 and follows the IB Diploma Program in grades 11 and 12.

  • American School Foundation of Mexico City (Mexico City, Mexico )

    Mark Iver Sylte Executive Director , Appointed for 2018

    Mark will join ASF after a five-year tenure as Head of School at Saigon South International School in Vietnam. Previously, he served three years as Principal of Yew Chung International School in Shanghai. Prior to that appointment he was the Upper School Head at Saint Andrew's School in Boca Raton. Mark began his career in Education at The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey where he was the Director of the Lam Resource Center and History Department Chair for eight years. He holds a BA in History from St. Olaf College of Northfield, MN, an MA in Russian History from Cornell University and is a Cornell Doctorate candidate in History.

    The American School Foundation of Mexico City is a non-profit organization that delivers a high-quality American independent education to international and Mexican students. Founded in Mexico City in 1888, ASF is the oldest continuously operating accredited American School outside the U.S. It is an academically rigorous, international, university-preparatory school, which offers students from diverse backgrounds the best of American independent education. In all aspects of school life students are encouraged to love learning, live purposefully and to become responsible, contributing citizens of the world.

  • American School of Barcelona (Esplugues de Hebregat, Spain)

    Ann Jurewicz High School Principal, Appointed for 2018

    Ann Jurewicz will join ASB after serving as the Assistant Principal for two years at Cayman International School in the Cayman Islands. Prior to that appointment she was the Executive Director at Twin Cities German Immersion School in Minnesota from 2012 to 2016. Ann began her career as an Adjunct Professor at both St. Catherine's University and Hamline University. She has also worked in teaching and administration at the John F. Kennedy School in Germany and the St. Louis Park Public Schools in Minnesota.  A current Doctoral candidate in Educational Leadership from Bethel University, Ann holds a BA in English Literature from Boston College, and an MA in Political Science from the University of Minnesota.

    The American School of Barcelona, established in 1962, is a non-profit, private co-educational day school. The school was established to provide an American education to students from the local and international community of Barcelona. It is owned by a parents association which elects a Board of Governors. The school provides a basic American instructional program. The nature of the school permits its students to follow the US curriculum from nursery to twelfth grade while at the same time enabling them to become integrated in the culture and language of the host country.

  • American School of Doha (Doha, Qatar)

    Patricia Foster Chief Financial Officer, Appointed for 2017

    Patty will join the American School of Doha following a twelve-year tenure as Chief Financial Officer of Stanwich School in CT. Previously, she served as Vice President for Finance and Administration at for-profit outfits such as New Power Company and Mastercard International. She has also worked as an Auditor at KPMG Peat Marwick. Patty holds a BS from SUNY at Oneonta and an MBA in Finance and Accounting from New York University.

    The American School of Doha is a PK-12 school committed to the intellectual and personal development of its students, inspiring them and empowering them to become positive, active global citizens.

  • Association of American Schools in South America (Lima, Peru)

    Dereck Rhoads Executive Director, Appointed for 2018

    Dereck will join AASSA following a six-year tenure as Chief Academic Officer of a South Carolina public school district. He began his career in education as a teacher at Palo Verde Christian School in Tucson, before teaching at the American School of Brasilia, where he was later appointed Upper School Head. He has also served as Middle School Head of the American School Foundation of Monterrey, and as a Middle School Principal in a public school in South Carolina. Dereck holds a BA from Vanguard University, two MEds from Framingham State University, and an EdD from Seton Hall.

    The Association of American Schools in South America was formed in 1961 and formally founded in the U.S. in 1977 to discover and develop ways and means for improving understanding through international education; to improve upon the quality of teaching and learning in Association schools; to facilitate communication and cooperative action between and among all Association schools; and to facilitate cooperative action with national, state, local or non-governmental agencies in the field of international education.

  • Chadwick International School (Seoul, Korea)

    Jacqueline Cameron Middle School Principal, Appointed for 2019

    Jacqueline will transition to the Middle School Principal of CIS after serving respectively as Elementary School Vice Principal and Assistant Director of the Lower School since 2010. She also served as a First Grade Teacher and was a Founding Faculty Member in 2009 for CIS. Jacqueline has also held teaching roles at Tasis Hellenic International School, Shanghai Changning International School, International School of Perth, Dulwich College Shanghai and Dulwich College Beijing. She holds a BS in Health Science from California State University in Chico and an M.Ed in Curriculum, Development & Instruction from George Mason University in Virginia.

    Chadwick International School is a K-12 international school with an exceptional 500,000 square feet of state-of-the-art facility that has been built in the Songdo International Business District in Incheon to support an program of academic excellence and exemplary character. One of Chadwick’s most significant milestones is the founding in 2010 of Chadwick International School, expanding opportunities for students around the globe to benefit from a world-class Chadwick education and become lifelong members of the Chadwick Community.

  • Hong Kong International School (Tai Tam, Hong Kong)

    Geoff Heney Lower Primary Principal , Appointed for 2018

    Geoff Heney will join HKIS after eleven years at The American School of Doha in Qatar. There he served as a Kindergarten Teacher, Guidance Counselor, Associate Principal of both the Lower and Upper Elementary Schools respectively, and finally the Principal of Upper Elementary.  Geoff began his career as a teacher. He has taught elementary grades in multiple international schools including Connaught Street Public School in Canada, Shanghai American School, and Eglin Street Public School in Canada. He holds BA from Carlton University and is currently completing his MA in Education at Queens University.

    Hong Kong International School is a leading private co-educational college preparatory school for students from Reception One (pre-kindergarten) to Grade 12. Since 1966, HKIS has provided an American-style education grounded in the Christian faith. We encourage student achievement in an inspiring environment, and our programs reflect the rich multi-cultural and international character of our student body. We are committed to delivering exceptional teaching, and continually evolve our programs and facilities to enhance our student experience. HKIS offers a warm and inclusive learning environment for over 2,600 students of 40 nationalities and diverse religious backgrounds.

  • Hong Kong International School (Tai Tam, Hong Kong)

    Ben Hart Upper Primary Principal, Appointed for 2019

    Ben Hart will be joining HKIS next year as the Upper Primary principal. Ben is currently the Elementary Principal at American International School of Johannesburg (AISJ) in South Africa. Previously he served at HKIS for nine years, first as an Upper Primary teacher in 2004 and subsequently, as an Associate Principal at Lower Primary. Ben also has teaching experience at Waitoa Primary School and Berkley Middle School in New Zealand and St. Luke's Primary School in England. He has also been a Literacy Consultant for private schools in Africa since 2015. Ben holds a BA in Education from the University of Waikato, New Zealand and an M.Ed in Leadership and Administration from The University of Queensland, Australia.

    Hong Kong International School is a leading private co-educational college preparatory school for students from Reception One (pre-kindergarten) to Grade 12. Since 1966, HKIS has provided an American-style education grounded in the Christian faith. HKIS offers a warm and inclusive learning environment for over 2,600 students of 40 nationalities and diverse religious backgrounds.


  • Hong Kong International School (Tai Tam, Hong Kong)

    Connie Kim Middle School Principal, Appointed for 2019

    Hong Kong International School will welcome Connie Kim as their new Middle School Principal. She will leave Chadwick International School, Seoul, South Korea after serving as their Middle School Principal for five years. Before this appointment, she held multiple positions at Chadwick since 2011, including Director of Summer Programs, Director of ESOL, and Assistant Middle School Principal. She began her career teaching English in 1998 at the Piedmont Hills High School, San Jose, California, before relocating to teach at St. Marks School, Hong Kong, China. Connie earned a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in English Literature and Political Science from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a Master of Arts in English Language and Literature from King’s College, University of London.

    Hong Kong International School is a leading private co-educational college preparatory school for students from Reception One (pre-kindergarten) to Grade 12. Since 1966, HKIS has provided an American-style education grounded in the Christian faith. HKIS offers a warm and inclusive learning environment for over 2,600 students of 40 nationalities and diverse religious backgrounds.

  • International School of Amsterdam (Amstelveen, Netherlands)

    Matthew Sipple Upper School Head, Appointed for 2017

    Matt comes to International School of Amsterdam following a directorship at International School of Latvia. Previously, he served as Asst. Head of Oberoi International School in Mumbai, Education Director at American International School – Riyadh, Academic Dean at Ruamrudee international School in Thailand, and Asst. Head at Leysin American School in Switzerland. He has also taught and led at Buckley Country Day School in New York, Isidore Newman School in Louisiana, and Oregon Episcopal School in Portland. Matt is an alumnus of St. George's School in Rhode Island, and holds a BA from the University of Pittsburgh, an MA from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MEd from Columbia University.

    The International School of Amsterdam serves students PK-12 and challenges students to discover themselves and the world around them, inspiring them to become life-long learners.

  • International School of Amsterdam (Amstelveen, Netherlands)

    Bernadette Carmody Director, Appointed for 2019

    Bernadette leaves American International School of Guangzhou, China where she has served as Director for the past four years. Prior to this engagement she was Director of Riffa Views International School in Bahrain. Bernadette has led a rich and international career path beginning as a Teacher in Australia. She continued to serve roles as Teacher, Department Chair, Exams Coordinator and Assistant High School Principal in schools in Colombo, Norway, Liberia and Venezuela. She transitioned to Middle School Principal of Shanghai American School in 2001, and then High School Principal of American School of Dubai in 2009. Bernadette holds a BA in Education from Griffith University in Australia, an MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from University of London, an MA in International and Overseas Administration and Supervision from The College of New Jersey, and a Doctor of Education from University of Southern Queensland in Australia.

    The International School of Amsterdam, founded in 1964, continues to be a leader in education for international understanding – inspiring our diverse community of students to learn and live with purpose. ISA was the first school in the world to offer all three core IB programs, and it continues to do so today. As an IB World School, we offer a curriculum that allows students to benefit from a continuum of education from pre-school through high school. Our challenging academic curriculum embraces global perspectives and respects the identity, experiences and aspirations of individual students.

  • Istanbul International Community School (Istanbul, Turkey )

    Nathan Walker Head of School, Appointed for 2018

    Nathan Walker will join IICS after serving three years as Associate Superintendent at Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools in Saudi Arabia. Prior to that appointment he served a five-year tenure as Head of School at Schutz American School  in Egypt. Nathan began is his career in education at Colegio Nueva Granada in Columbia where he served as Assistant Principal and High School Principal respectively. He has also worked as Upper School Principal at The International School Nido de Aguilas in Chili and Director of American School of Las Palmas in Spain. He holds a BA and an M.Ed. from Brigham Young University in Utah.

    Istanbul International Community School (IICS) is one of Europe’s most noteworthy independent schools. IICS is an independent, co-educational day school, offering a full IB program from pre-kindergarten through grade 12 for international students (holders of non-Turkish passports). Founded in 1911, it is one of the oldest international schools in the world. With 97 years of academic excellence, IICS offers impressive facilities, a friendly environment, engaged and enthusiastic students, and an involved parent body.

  • King’s Academy (Manja, Jordan)

    Davies Bisset Assistant Head for Advancement, Appointed for 2018

    King's Academy welcomes Davies as their new Assistant Head for Advancement after a seven-year tenure as the Executive Director of the Sports Foundation at Brown University. Prior to this appointment he served respectively as Senior Associate Director of Alumni Relations and Associate Vice President for Development & Alumni Relations at the University of Virginia Engineering School Foundation. Not only a graduate of Brown University with a focus in History, Davies also began his career here as Senior Assistant Director of Alumni Relations & Development. He has also served roles as Account Executive at Rollins Hudig Hall Insurance Brokers and Affinity Marketing Manager at Amica Mutual Insurance Company.

    King’s Academy is home to 670 male and female students, in grades 7 through 12, who came from 32 countries in the 2017-2018 academic year. About 70 percent of the students are boarders. The King’s Academy Middle School opened in the fall of 2016 for grades 7 and 8. King’s mission is not just to prepare young men and women to succeed in life, but to develop and empower young leaders who will drive change within and beyond their communities, and eventually across borders. The knowledge and values that King’s instills in its students help shape confident, well-rounded individuals and inspire them throughout their life paths as change-makers of a shared future of peace and opportunity.

  • King’s Academy (Madaba, Jordan)

    Peter Nilsson Head of School, Appointed for 2019

    King's Academy will welcome Peter Nilsson in the summer of 2019 as its next Head of School. Nilsson leaves Deerfield Academy (Deerfield, MA) where he has served as the Research Director since 2015. Nilsson began his career at Deerfield Academy in 2000 as and English Teacher, Advisor, and Coach before later serving as Assistant Academic Dean and Assistant Dean of Faculty. Nilsson holds a Master of Art in Education Leadership from Columbia University (New York, NY) and a Bachelor of Art in English and Music from Middlebury College (Middlebury, VT).

    King’s Academy, an independent, coeducational boarding and day school, will provide outstanding young men and women from Jordan, the Middle East and beyond an educational experience unlike any available in the region.

    Blending an American style of education rooted in the liberal arts and sciences with Middle Eastern history, traditions, language and cultural values, the Academy will feature close teacher-student interaction, the most current technological resources and a stimulating array of curricular and extracurricular activities designed to help students flourish intellectually and personally.

  • Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz (Zurich, Switzerland)

    Christoph Wittmer Head of School, Appointed for 2017

    Christoph will join Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz following a seven-year tenure as Head of Kantonsschule Enge in Zurich. He began his teaching career there in 1994, before being appointed Vice Principal and then Head of School. Christoph holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Zurich and speaks four languages: French, English, German, and Italian.

    Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, founded in 1904, is a Swiss international boarding school set in spectacular alpine landscape near St. Moritz. About three hundred students ages 12-18 years of age from around the world and the Engadin valley follow programmes leading to the International Baccalaureate Diploma or the Swiss Matura.

  • North Jakarta Intercultural School (Jakarta, Indonesia)

    Gerald Joseph Donovan Head of School, Appointed for 2019

    Gerald will become the new Head of School for NJIS in the summer of 2019. He leaves Medan Independent School in Indonesia where he has served as Head of School since 2016. Previously, he served a six-year tenure as Director/Head of School at Sekolah Bogor Raya International School in Indonesia. Prior to assuming the Headship at Sekolah he was Deputy Director from 2004 to 2010 and a Teacher from 2001 to 2004. Gerald holds an MBA from the University of Western Australia, and an M.Ed in Educational Leadership from University of San Francisco.

    North Jakarta International School is located on a 5-acre site in Kelapa Gading, a modern secure residential community in the northeastern part of Jakarta. Currently, there are 170 students enrolled, representing 25 different nationalities and an age span from 4 to 15 years.

  • Safe Passage Camino Seguro (Gualemala City, Guatemala)

    Trae Holland Head of School, Appointed for 2018

    Trae Holland will be Head of School at Safe Passage Camino Seguro starting July, 2018. He leaves Academia Cotopaxi where he has served as Director of The ONE Institute for the past three years. Prior to this appointment he served as Director of Development and Educational Partnerships at the Polk Museum of Art. Trae has also served as President of ECON; Design & Development, Teacher, Upper and Middle School Principal of Camelot Academy. He holds a BS in Mathematics from Davidson College and an MA in International Relations from Bilgi University in Turkey.

    Safe Passage empowers the poorest, at-risk children of families working in the community of the Guatemala City Garbage Dump, by creating opportunities and fostering dignity through the power of education. Safe Passage Camino Seguro is a Guatemala-registered non-governmental organization. We provide comprehensive and integrated programs that foster hope, good health, educational achievement, self-sufficiency, self esteem and confidence within a safe and caring environment.

  • Seoul Foreign School (Seoul, South Korea)

    Clif Wilcox Chief Financial Officer, Appointed for 2017

    Clif will join Seoul Foreign School following a twelve-year tenure as Business Manager at Harker School in California. Previously, he was the President and Founder of a sales and marketing company. He spent many years as a Controller and Business Manager at various for-profit outfits prior to joining the independent school community. Clif holds a BS from Louisiana State University.

    Seoul Foreign School is a PreK – 12 college preparatory school founded in 1912 by Christian missionaries to Korea. The school emphasizes Christian values and is the only International School in Seoul to offer a diverse and complete educational experience by providing both the English National Curriculum or an American curriculum, culminating in high school with the IGCSEs and IB Diploma.

  • Zurich International School (Wädenswil, Switzerland)

    Lisa Lyle Director, Appointed for 2019

    Zurich International School will welcome Lisa Lyle in the summer of 2019 as its next Director. Lisa leaves the Mary Institute & St. Louis Country Day School (St. Louis, MO) where she has served as the Head of School since 2007. Prior to her headship, Lisa held the position of Assistant Head of School at The Blake School (Minneapolis, MN) for five years, and worked for twelve years as a Housemaster, Teacher, and Project Coordinator at The Lawrenceville School (Lawrence, NJ). Lisa holds a Master of Arts in Private School Leadership from the Columbia University Teachers College (New York, NY), a Master or Arts in French Literature from the University of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania, PA), and a Bachelor of Arts in French from the University of Texas at Austin (Austin, TX).

    Zurich International School is a leading, non-profit day school offering a comprehensive education program for students aged 3 to 18 in the greater Zurich area.

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