As the number of charter schools rises in the U.S., so does the need to hire quality, capable leaders.

CS&A’s Charter School Practice Group has partnered with charter schools since their early beginnings. With more than 20 years of successfully recruiting and placing the best leadership for charter schools, we have completed over 100 successful charter school searches throughout the country – urban, suburban, rural, and everywhere in between – in schools offering a variety of programs and philosophies.

We have put into place a unique process and model that not only attracts top leaders but also introduces strategies to better ensure success for a new appointee on the job. Our Consultants bring years of collective experience in schools and a network that spans the globe. Combined, that spells success.

Key to our charter school search achievement is the meaningful involvement of school stakeholders in the search process. In-service and professional development opportunities for search committee members are often part of the beginning stages of a search to ensure the school and the search committee are set up for success.

Through on-site interactive focus workshops and continuous communication, our Consultants take the time to identify key opportunities and challenges at each school in order to make highly-targeted candidate outreach. As a result, this leads to a higher rate of interest and more potential for a successful match—and less time wasted hunting for qualified candidates.

During the entire process, Consultants provide hands-on support to search committees that includes but is not limited to site visit templates, survey samples, assessment checklists, feedback forms, and detailed finalist visits schedules. Customized service doesn’t end with an appointment—Consultants work with each school to introduce a methodology of accountability and performance evaluation for appointees.

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