Recognized for more than 40 years as a leader in search services for K-12 schools, CS&A is finally going to college.

Higher education searches for Director and Associate positions are often handled in-house, and with mixed results. Similarly, the price of higher education search firms often exceeds allotted budgets. In entering this market, CS&A is offering something new and different: high-quality recruiting services at an affordable price point.

Our Higher Education Practice Group offers search and consulting services in admissions, enrollment, DEI, development, and finance. Highly-experienced Consultants work with colleges and universities to translate objectives into a leadership profile that achieves success. They then proactively search the market and use personal networks and CS&A’s extensive database to deliver vetted pools of excellent candidates, tapping into networks that even higher education headhunters can’t reach.

We match strong professional and institutional knowledge with deep, thorough, and personalized recruiting. CS&A offers broadly experienced and well-connected Consultants with direct insight into the skills required for these roles.

CS&A is dedicated to increasing diversity in schools and colleges by providing access to a rich candidate pool. Our commitment to diversity is exemplified in our FORUM/Diversity event held each year and our Consultants’ experience in multicultural work and participation in conferences dedicated to diversity and inclusion.

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