Building an inclusive admissions team, and by extension, an inclusive school community, requires an intentional process of attracting a diverse pool of admissions professionals.


Our Services:

Our College Admissions Practice started with the premise that you can’t wave a wand and create an inclusive school community. Nor can you expect to build a world-class admission department without investing in the hiring process. It takes intentionality to accomplish both of these goals, and we set about to build a team of college admission and DEI experts passionate about delivering highly-skilled and diverse pools of admissions professionals to the institutions we serve. We combined this effort with a highly-competitive price point to make the service accessible for schools seeking director and associate director level professionals.

As the practice evolved we learned of the overwhelming desire of college admission departments around the country to better understand issues of bias and inclusion and educate their teams. So we set about to deliver anti-bias and inclusion training services to both help schools, and help ourselves in our own work. Finally, the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from our training sessions prompted us to provide more extensive diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting for college admission department, as well as other departments throughout colleges and universities.

Our search process starts with highly-experienced consultants working with stake-holders to translate objectives into a leadership profile that achieves success. We then proactively search the market, using personal networks, Carney Sandoe’s extensive database, and tapping into networks that other higher education headhunters ignore, to deliver vetted pools of excellent candidates.