Why Retain the CS&A Search Group?

We believe our reputation for excellence and position of industry leadership are the results of clear, competitive differences.

Understanding Needs

Every search is unique. Each school has its own special identity and culture, and it faces unique challenges and opportunities. In our searches, we learn what these are and help frame the issues and possibilities. Together, we work with schools to translate objectives into a leadership profile that achieves success. And we will supplement our work with interviews and reference checks to ensure the candidates we identify have the designated skills, experience, and character to lead your school.

Expansive Reach

Our retained Executive Search Group works with a huge volume of candidates and schools. Our team of consultants, which is over 30 strong, does not confine itself to a specific type of school or a specific region. We have adopted the motto “every search is a global search,” and the possibilities for international as well as domestic searches are constantly growing.

Commitment and Credibility

Our consultants are experienced and dedicated professionals who know schools intimately. Each specializes exclusively in the search for superlative school leaders, and each demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to our clients and our craft. Our work is thorough. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. You will see our perfectionism manifested in the quality and fit of the candidates we present to you and our supportive service throughout every stage of the hiring process.

Collaborative Practice

Our clients enjoy the rapport and responsiveness of a dedicated search consultant who understands their school and shares their sense of urgency. Each of our schools also benefits from the support of our entire search team, which represents an unparalleled richness of resources.

Every week, the Search Group meets to discuss the progress of each search, to pool networks and contacts, to suggest leads, to share confidential assessments, anticipate issues, solve problems, and make specific recommendations. Our collaborative approach intensifies each search and creates powerful synergies that distinguish us from other firms.

Our schools also benefit from the interface between The Search Group and our Placement Group, which recruits and places hundreds of teachers and administrators for independent school positions each year. Consequently, The Search Group is uniquely positioned to tap into an expanding pool of emerging leaders.

Customized Search Process

The process by which a school leader is chosen is critical, but we know that one size doesn’t fit all. We will help you structure a search process that balances your specific needs for efficiency and clarity of outcomes with an appropriate level of stakeholder participation. In sum, we’ll help you manage the search effectively and in a manner that promotes a sense of ownership and thereby optimizes the new Head’s opportunities for success.

Transition Support

The selection of a new leader is not a finale, but rather it is an inflection point. A school’s Board must take active steps to develop a sound basis for its relationship with its new Head and for effective governance during the Head’s tenure. Our search services include planning support and tools that ensure an effective leadership transition for the school.

Search Chair, Virginia
It has been a true privilege to have CS&A run our Head of School search. From the very first meeting, we always felt that our search was your top priority. We continue to be impressed and amazed by the immediate responses and personalized attention that you provide. Without CS&A, we would never have had access to that amazing array of highly accomplished candidates.
Search Chair, Virginia

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