Statement Against Anti-Asian Hatred and Violence

March 20, 2021

We are saddened and appalled by the murders of eight people in Atlanta this past Tuesday – the latest horrific example of a growing trend of hatred and violence directed against Asians and Asian-Americans in this country. Six people killed were of Asian descent and seven were women. As details of the incident become more available, it seems clear that – even while not yet classified as a hate crime – a combination of anti-Asian hatred, xenophobia, misogyny, and white supremacy all fomented the violence against the victims. We condemn the violence and the hatred, and we grieve for the lost lives as well as for those who now feel a deeper sense of fear and vulnerability for no other reason than their race or their gender.

Anti-Asian hate crimes have escalated at an alarming rate this past year, including widespread harassment and denigration toward people of Asian descent – often under the bogus smear of COVID-19 causation. This is scientifically absurd, yet consistent with historical antecedents, where xenophobes and hate-mongers create fictitious vehicles to promulgate their narratives and fan the flames of fear-induced prejudice and bigotry.

As an organization deeply involved with educational institutions and the students who represent our next generation, we feel unequivocally united in our belief that our society must not tolerate this racial violence and injustice. Nor can we passively just sit quietly when members of our society, at times in significant positions of authority, convey a message along the lines of – “don’t overreact” – or – “he was just having a bad day.” No, it wasn’t just a bad day. We must do what we can to call out the racism for exactly what it is – systemic, deeply embedded, and increasing in many quarters of our society. We will examine how we can better support our colleagues of Asian descent, and how we might partner with our schools to be more supportive of their Asian communities. We applaud organizations such as Stop AAPI HateAsian Americans Advancing Justice, and Hollaback for the resources they provide, and we’re grateful for the work that so many of our schools conduct every day engendering a spirit of social justice and activism among their student bodies.


Devereaux McClatchey

Carney, Sandoe & Associates

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