Barry Rowland Senior Consultant

Barry began his work with CS&A as a Consultant predominantly responsible for the development of the Charter Schools Practice. Since that time, he has completed in excess of 100 charter school searches – urban, suburban, and rural – in a variety of states and locations. He has also conducted successful searches for Superintendent of Schools in public school districts and specialized leadership positions such as at Overbrook School for the Blind.

Barry’s recent charter school assignments include Washington Latin (DC), CHAMPS (CA), Atlanta Classical Academy, Charter High School for Law and Social Justice (NY), Athlos Academies (ID), Cherry Creek Academy (CO), Denver Language School, Broome Street Academy (NY), Choice Foundation (LA), and Charter School for Applied Technologies (NY).

Previous Experience

Before joining CS&A, Barry completed a 30+ year educational career as a teacher and coach, department head, assistant principal, principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent in Toronto. He also served for eight years as an elected counsellor on the City of York Municipal Council.

Education & Interests

Barry holds degrees from the University of Toronto [B.P.H.E and B.A.], and an M.Ed. in Special Education from the Ontario Institute of Studies in Toronto. He played varsity hockey and football for the University of Toronto Blues, international rugby for Canada, and had professional football experience in the Canadian and Continental Football Leagues.

He enjoys daily workouts, golf, and supporting three athletic grandchildren in their ongoing endeavors.

Barry is also a published author: “The Padre,” “Fifty-Two Sundays,” “Herbie and Friends,” and “The Maple Leaf Forever” relate to personal family experience and general interest in matters connected to WWII.