Chaya Keefe Consultant

Chaya Keefe is a Consultant primarily engaged in head of school and key administrator searches.

Recent searches include Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences (WA), University Prep (WA), Hillbrook School (CA), Open Window School (WA), Eastside Prep (WA), and Cristo Rey High School (IL).

Previous Experience

Through her many roles at independent school, Chaya developed a deep and broad understanding of what makes them tick. She is attuned to both operational necessities and long-term strategic vision. As the Director of Accreditation for the Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS), she partnered with dozens of educational leaders to provide an exemplar accreditation process for schools that was comprehensive and valuable for schools at all stages of development. She trained and advised all participants in the process and ensured consistency in quality and accountability in all phases of the accreditation process. Through her work at NWAIS, she honed her capacity to see both the themes that applied to all schools and the specific needs of each school, and to toggle between the metaphoric forest and trees. She was a strong advocate for strengthening and clarifying DEIB expectations in accreditation standards.

Chaya’s experience as a bilingual, bi-cultural child of Indian immigrants has made her an armchair anthropologist who looks at schools through the lens of mission and culture, and their impact on systems. She is especially committed to a future where independent schools are places where students and adults embrace a broader and more inclusive vision of leadership. She sees her work with CS&A as a Consultant as a way to do her part in this work.

In schools, Chaya served as Head of School at Bright Water Waldorf School in Seattle, taught French at Epiphany School (WA), and served multiple terms as a trustee at Seattle Waldorf School.

Education and Interests

Chaya received a B.A. in French from Washington University in St. Louis and an M.A. in Education from Antioch University.

Her interests include feeding her friends and family, watching her kids play Ultimate frisbee, refining her Brazilian Portuguese, and getting inky in her letterpress print shop.