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Three Ideas for Your Video Introduction

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“The Chair of the Department wrote to congratulate me, and she said, ‘from the moment I saw your video, I knew I wanted you to join us.’” – Marta, placed CS&A Spanish candidate.

Since we launched our video introduction option for candidates earlier this year, we’ve been thrilled with the positive response we’ve received from schools. In just two minutes, candidates’ video introductions help form an immediate personal connection with a hiring contact, which bolsters and enlivens the supporting documents that comprise a candidate’s file. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

If you’ve been dragging your feet on recording your video, now’s the time to get cracking. As hiring becomes more urgent for schools at this time of year, do what you can to give yourself every positive advantage.

Maybe, though, you’re stumped for what to talk about. What can you realistically discuss in two minutes? You may feel that a simple introduction, in which you list your name, hometown, and most recent work experience, doesn’t exactly have the pizazz you were looking for.

Here are three ideas for topics that will make those two minutes fly by.

1. Your Best Lesson

It’s likely that, first and foremost, you love to teach—and you’re good at it. It’s also likely (guaranteed) that hiring schools will be interested in your love and knack for teaching, even if you’re seeking administrative positions. Talk about your best lesson ever: how you planned it, what you did, and how you assessed student learning. Hiring contacts reviewing your video will love to see your eyes light up when you discuss something you’re passionate about, whether that’s Renaissance poetry or ionic bonds.

2. The Moment You Realized You Wanted to be a Teacher

Riffing on your personal statement, in which you may describe your motivations for teaching or your general educational philosophy, pinpoint that exact moment you realized you wanted to be a teacher. Maybe it was when you were explaining something to a peer or friend, lapping up joy at their “a-ha!” moment. Maybe it was when you were entrenched in another career, and a volunteer tutoring or mentoring position occupied your thoughts more than your day job. By telling a story, you’ll draw in your listener and demonstrate that captivating passion for education.

3. The Moment You Made a Difference

As a teacher, you know that the job isn’t easy, and on some days you can feel like you’re not reaching anyone and that your efforts are fruitless. But then, there are those days when you know you’ve made a difference to your students. Discuss one such moment, when you made a difference and witnessed it. These are the types of moments that make good stories—and make you a compelling candidate.


Feel inspired? Head to the “Videos” section of CandidateConnect and click the link there to record your video. Don’t worry: you can review and re-record it as many times as you want before hitting “submit.”

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