Executive Coaching

The first year in any new Head of School's tenure is filled with excitement and a feeling of boundless potential.

It is also filled with questions, anxiety, and, at times, a deep sense of isolation. Empirical research has shown that equipping a new leader with a strong support system-specifically a professionally-trained and experienced executive coach-is the best way to ensure success and conquer the inevitable challenges that arise.  Executive coaching is practically a requirement in other industries that seek to maximize their investment in leadership.

Driven by Outcomes, Exceeding Expectations
The consulting team at Carney, Sandoe & Associates has been providing consulting support and delivering results for independent schools for over 40 years. Our work is outcomes-driven and focuses on achieving results that meet your school’s needs and exceed your expectations.

Custom-Tailoring Our Processes and Solutions
We know that no one understands the unique strengths and challenges of your school better than you. As consultants, we take the time to get to know your school and we adapt our methods to fit your school’s specific needs, ultimately providing insight and direction in setting realistic goals that frame strategic outcomes.

Visiting More Schools Means Deeper Resources
Through our placement, search, and consulting services, Carney, Sandoe & Associates works with and visits more schools than anyone else in the industry, and has unparalleled knowledge about all types of schools. We are supported by this deep pool of resources and have and access to a wealth of information found nowhere else.

Doing Searches Makes Us Different
Leadership and strategy are symbiotic—one needs the other to be successful. Because our consultants are also involved in leadership searches, we uniquely understand the intersection of leadership and strategy. We bring to your project actionable extra knowledge of what is practical and realistic to the success of a school, not simply theoretical advice.

Providing a Wide Breadth of Experience and Knowledge
Our consulting team has an unmatched depth of experience as school and community leaders, board members, and leadership search consultants. Each of the schools we work with benefits from the support of the entire team, representing an unparalleled richness of resources.

Emerson School
This has been an incredibly helpful exercise, and one that will provide me with opportunities for growth, both with my team and for the school. I'm looking forward to our discussions in the week to come, to provide me with the subtle course adjustments that ensure that we have a positive year (and years!) ahead.

Emerson School John Huber, Head of School

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