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  • Can CS&A help me work abroad?

    Yes! Our teacher and administrator placement and search work extends beyond the United States. Every year, we place teachers, administrators, and key leaders in schools across the country and around the world. If you are interested in exploring leadership opportunities in international schools, learn more here. If you are interested in pursuing a teaching job abroad, please click here to fill out our application.

  • How does your placement service work?

    Candidates who seek teacher and administrator jobs register with us and we create a proprietary dossier of documents and information about each candidate’s background, experience, and preferences. Our client schools notify us about teacher and administrator openings daily. When there’s an open position, we refer candidates by sending their dossiers and facilitating the connection between candidates and schools.

    When we make a referral, we simultaneously provide the school with the referred candidate’s name and the candidate with details about the opening and the school. Each candidate then follows up directly with the school to learn more or schedule an interview.

    Elementary and secondary schools list positions with us in all teaching and administrative fields. These schools are incorporated, not-for-profit, and, like CS&A, non-discriminatory.

  • Why can CS&A help me find a job?

    We know where the jobs are and when they open. We save you time, money, and effort by helping you stay focused on real job opportunities that are right for you. We make the search easier and more efficient because we can immediately put you in touch with schools whose openings match your skills and interests.

  • How extensive is your school network?

    Schools rely on us as a primary source for qualified teaching and administrative candidates. Our clients represent all types and sizes of schools in the U.S., Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South America, including primary, elementary, and secondary, boarding and day, co-educational and single sex, urban, suburban, and rural.

    We place more teachers and administrators in independent and like-kind schools than any other firm in the country. Since our inception, we have worked with over 1,500 schools in 46 states and 26 countries internationally, and we have facilitated over 31,500 teacher and administrator hires.

  • What is CS&A?

    We are an educational recruiting and consulting firm founded in 1977 with the primary mission of helping non-profit, independent, charter, and like-kind schools worldwide recruit and hire highly qualified teachers and administrators.  We also specialize in retained executive search and management consulting for independent and like-kind schools.

  • Why teach at an independent school?

    Teaching at an independent school can be a tremendously rewarding career. You’ll have more time with your students; the average class size of 18 keeps student-faculty ratios low. You’ll work closely with students and colleagues and have greater latitude in developing curriculum and programs. You’ll have a chance to become an active member of a vibrant community as teacher, coach, and adviser. You’ll really have a chance to make a difference!

  • Some general tips for your job search

    Keep your teaching options open. The broader your range of abilities, the better your chances of being hired.

    Be as geographically flexible as possible. Consider carefully the difference between choosing a job and choosing a location.

    Fill out your application thoroughly and carefully. A rushed job will appear as such and is less likely to be taken seriously.

    Remember: the success of your job search will depend substantially on how you present yourself on paper and on the phone. Be confident, articulate, and energetic — and be yourself!

  • What about job interviews at the CS&A FORUM and LINK conferences?

    Each year, CS&A hosts several teacher placement conference FORUMs. Locations each year include Boston, Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and New York City. The conferences provide opportunities for CS&A candidates to meet multiple school representatives in one place over one weekend during the peak of hiring season. We also hold a Diversity FORUM in Philadelphia each year.

    The faculty recruitment LINK conference occurs each year in conjunction with the annual National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Annual Conference, which is usually held in the early spring. It is a networking event that facilitates interviews among candidates and schools.

  • Are interviews necessary at CS&A?

    Interviews with CS&A staff are not required; however, whenever possible, an interview is recommended. An interview permits you to discuss your preferences and aspirations directly with your Placement Associate and allows him or her to provide you with tailored job search feedback. It is a good idea to discuss setting up an interview with your Placement Associate after we have notified you that you are registered with CS&A.

  • How can I improve my job search?

    First thing’s first: start now, and apply sooner rather than later.

    Follow up with leads promptly; candidates who express interest and take initiative are always more interesting to schools. Remain flexible, especially geographically; the more open you keep your options, the more opportunities you will have.

    Keep us up-to-date on the progress of your search. We can follow up with schools on your behalf more effectively if we know what’s going on.

  • Should I submit letters of reference?

    Once we’ve accepted you as a candidate, we will ask you to submit 3-5 letters of reference. When choosing your reference writers, select people who have worked closely with you, especially those who have supervised you in a recent position. If you are teaching in an independent school, be sure to include the Head of School as a reference. If you are currently a college student or a recent graduate, ask professors who know you best and/or who teach in your field of study. You can also contact any of your supervisors from jobs or internships.

    Request that your references be written generally and not for a specific school so you can use them repeatedly. Be sure that your references address your teaching and/or administrative ability or potential, as that will help you most. References should be written on the letterhead of the writer. It is a good idea to provide the reference writer with a pre-addressed, stamped envelope.

    Please note: References can only be sent to those schools that have listed a position opening with us. Additionally, we cannot return letters of reference once we receive them.

  • Does it cost anything to be a candidate with CS&A?

    No! Our services are completely free for candidates.

  • How do I apply for candidacy with CS&A?

    To apply, you must first fill out our online application.

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