Focus on Women in Leadership

This spring, CS&A is shining a spotlight on women in leadership.

Below, members of our Search and Consulting Group, as well as current female heads of school, share their stories of leadership, mentorship, and their professional journeys.

Our Placement and Search Groups are dedicated to increasing the number of women in leadership roles as part of our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We hope educators everywhere are inspired and motivated by these individuals and that schools continue to attract, nurture, and retain female leaders.

Check back often for more in this ongoing series.

Mentor/Mentee Profile: A Legacy of Women Leaders

When it comes to headship, former longtime head Barbara Landis Chase and current head Bodie Brizendine both agree mentoring must be a priority.

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Mentor/Mentee Profile: A Partnership for Institution Building

Former Hathaway Brown head Bill Christ and his mentee Sue Sadler, head of Bryn Mawr, both agree that nurturing educators is beneficial not only to those involved but to an entire school.

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Mentor/Mentee Profile: Cultivating the Next Generation

Both pioneering former heads of school, Aggie Underwood and Ann Teaff's relationship proved to be one of mutual benefits.

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Mentor/Mentee Profile: Developing Skills and Confidence

We share the story of CS&A Senior Consultant Peter O'Neill and his mentee Jenny Rao, now Emma Willard's Head of School.

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Barbara Daush: My Journey to Headship

Senior Consultant Barbara Daush brings us on her path from Latin teacher to head of school in our series on women in independent school leadership.

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Marlene Shaw: My Journey to Headship

From public schools to head of school, Senior Consultant Marlene Shaw's unique story of her rise to headship is part of our series on women leaders in independent schools.

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Barbara Landis Chase: My Journey to Headship

For our series on women in independent school leadership, Senior Consultant Barbara Landis Chase shares her story of becoming a head of school.


Presenting Our Women's Institute

CS&A is proud to be hosting its third-annual Women's Institute designed to address the challenges faced by women working in education.

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