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Historically, there have been four “generations” of international schools: Missionary schools in Balkans and Middle East (mid- to late-19th century); US State Department Schools (1960's onwards); Schools established by American expatriate families (1970's onwards); and, “English-medium international” schools for primarily host-country students (recent).

Many of the schools in all four categories list an “American curriculum” among their offerings (in addition, in many cases, to the IB curriculum and/or the host country curriculum). With the largest active network of American and International educators in the world and with the consultants, staff and technological resources to bring schools and educators together, CS&A is best prepared to serve this market.

CS&A has been involved in an increasing number of Head and senior administrative searches for schools outside the United States. In recent years, the following schools (among others) have utilized CS&A retained search services:

CS&A consultants are increasingly presenting candidates with international school experience in searches with US independent schools. As many of our schools adopt the mission of producing “responsible global citizens,” we follow the same principle and view every search as a Global Search. By including global citizen educators who understand how to prepare students to be global citizens in the mix of potential candidates, CS&A helps its schools adapt to and embrace today's interconnected world. All of our schools, wherever their location, will become increasingly “international” schools with a global focus in upcoming years.

I have worked with Art Charles and CS&A for about 10 years now. I am the founder and CEO of Meritas, a global family of college-prep, K-12 schools. In this role I have relied on Art to help me recruit Headmasters of schools all over the world. Day schools, boarding schools, local schools and international schools...You will find him to be the best in the business, and I have worked with just about everyone. He is extremely well connected, thorough, and very persistent.

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