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We've successfully completed more leadership searches than any other firm. Here's what some of our clients have to say about our services.

Dear Barry and Burke,

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU again for the great work you did on the Principal search for Atlanta Classical. He’s getting rave reviews, and we just feel like he’s a perfect fit for us and a breath of fresh air as we move forward in our evolution.

Heidi Hoffman Mooney
Atlanta Classical Academy


Dear Aggie and Devereaux,

I would like to share with you a few brief thoughts about the relationship and executive coaching I received from Dr. Bill Clarkson. While I could write more and give specifics of the incredible experience I had with Bill, I hope these few thoughts will convey my experience and gratitude.

First, I wish I could continue another year with Bill as the past year has been one of the most beneficial and greatest growth periods of my professional life. Bill’s demeanor, integrity, and pastoral nature make him the ideal person for coaching heads of school. Bill has helped me through very difficult situations that his expertise, wisdom, and years of experience navigated me as an experienced guide through waters I had never traveled. One of the greatest parts of working alongside him is the confidence and encouragement he provides. As a first year head of school, I constantly would deliberate, analyze, and reanaylze my decisions – perhaps this never changes nor should – but having Bill as a resource that has walked through nearly all the situations that I faced during his own career means he could speak from personal experience and reflect on the situation with me.

When we first started the executive coaching, my assumption was that it would focus solely on good decision making. What I realized over the course of the year is that so many other components are equally important. Perhaps one of the most important I came to see is being aware of your own weaknesses and how these can affect you, the students and families, and the institution as a whole. It is here that Bill is a master guide, helping you be aware of and navigate your personality in a unique school environment.

My desire would be to continue this relationship with Bill for the next three years and I hope very soon to resume the coaching I have received. Having said that, I cannot imagine this first year of headship without Bill’s coaching and friendship. Personally, Bill is a remarkable person that I have the deepest trust and respect for. Thank you, Bill!

Best Regards,

Brad Sewell
Head of School
Veritas Christian Academy of Houston


Things are going great around All Saints and I wanted to once again tell you, Bob, thanks for being a big part of making that happen. Members of the search committee and I were in a meeting today and talking about how beneficial you were to encourage us to look at someone who wasn’t on our radar, and then keep him on board during the process until we could get to the finish line. We will be forever grateful for your wisdom and guidance.

Stacy Bengtson
All Saints Episcopal School of Tyler


Dear Aggie and John,

Sarah and I have found Jennifer Christensen to be an absolute gem. She’s fun to work with and her expertise is tremendous. She carefully vetted the candidates up front and then followed up with the references incredibly well. So pleased that we took on this pioneering process together. We just hired a really super new counselor.

Don and Sarah
McMillan Education


It has been a true privilege to have CS&A run our Head of School search. From the very first meeting, we always felt that our search was your top priority. We continue to be impressed and amazed by the immediate responses and personalized attention that you provide. Without CS&A, we would never have had access to that amazing array of highly accomplished candidates.

Search Chair in Virginia


Carney Sandoe provided tremendous support to the Hockaday search. The breadth of the candidate pool, the connections within the independent school community, and the depth of the personal interviews with the candidates prior to meeting the search committee were all hallmarks of the Carney Sandoe search. In particular, our consultants were keenly aware of and sensitive to not only the requirements of the position but also the emotional needs of our school during our time of transition. They were accessible 24/7 and immediately responsive to all of our requests. The success of our search was due to their thorough process, their talented candidate pool, and their wise counsel along the way. I highly recommend Carney Sandoe for any independent school search.

Michelle Neuhoff Thomas
Chair of the Head of School Search Committee, Hockaday School


I cannot thank you enough for guiding, prodding, and leading us through the search process. You delivered a strong group of candidates for our consideration. You brought your wisdom and experience to bear at critical stages in the process (“Interview more, not less.”), and acceding to your arm-twisting served us well. You were always available when we sought your counsel, and you were patient and supportive throughout.

On behalf of the search committee, thank you for all that you did to help us land the right candidate to be the next Saint Mary's Head of School. We are excited that Brendan will be on board in July! Please know that it was a pleasure for me to work with you and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity.

R. Marks Arnold
Search Committee, Saint Mary's School

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