Music Candidate
I recently landed a music teaching job with Carney Sandoe's help. I'm writing to offer some kind words about my placement associate, Liam Gluck. A few weeks ago, I received an offer from a school that didn't excite me very much. A few days later, Liam reached out to me and invited me to give him a call. During our 40-minute phone conversation, Liam validated my concerns and offered a fresh perspective on the position; his candor was supportive, and he quelled lots of my anxieties, many of which were be attributed to being in the early stages of my career. He clearly heard me out and framed my thinking in a new way that was free of pressure and discomfort. It felt like I was talking to a friend or someone who had an authentic investment in my well being… and this was only our second phone conversation ever! I wrapped-up the conversation with him and actually felt much better about accepting the job, and on top of that, I felt more optimistic about my capital-c Career more generally.
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