Gardner Carney Leadership Institute

As independent schools across the nation strive to cultivate in their students the ability to become strong presences in the 21st century, the instruction of leadership becomes increasingly important.

The gcLi was born to address two essential needs. The world needs competent leaders as never before. And students, facing an unprecedented array of challenges and competition, need to be capable of leading others.

Through an array of top-tier professional development programs, the gcLi teaches teachers to take advantage of the opportunities every day when leadership can be taught. Built on compelling research in Brain Science, Developmental Psychology, Social-Emotional Learning, Group Dynamics, Leadership Studies, and more, the gcLi helps K-12 teachers develop in their students the capacity, the desire, and the will to lead.

Find out more about the gcLi, including the annual Summer Leadership Lab at the Fountain Valley School of Colorado, the 2017 Symposium held in collaboration with the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania, and comprehensive online resources for educators.

To learn more about the gcLi, including how you can become involved, explore it here.

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