David Miller
Earlier this afternoon, I accepted the offer of Global Studies Director. The position is a dream job for me and one that I never would have landed without the Boston Conference and the interview skills I have learned from you all at Carney, Sandoe. In some ways this search moved incredibly fast -- I first spoke with John just two weeks ago. In other ways this search was the culmination of two years of working with your team, getting to know the landscape of independent schools, and learning how to market myself as a candidate.

All of you have been incredible advocates for my candidacy as I looked to make the move from a more experiential school abroad into more traditional independent school education. And you made the Boston Conference feel as exciting as Christmas day for me!

I have been consistently impressed by the professionalism of the whole CSA team, but Beth and Maddie both went above and beyond in their support of my candidacy. Their communication was prompt, their referrals were dead on in terms of the fit for the right schools and positions, and their advice is what gave me the confidence and skills to land this job.
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