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Full STEM Ahead

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Today is National STEM Day and here at CS&A we're excited to celebrate and acknowledge the rise of STEM education in our schools.

Creating understanding around STEM and is a big topic of conversation today. Over the past 10 years, jobs in STEM fields have grown three times as fast as jobs in non-STEM fields, according to the Department of Commerce, and schools have been changing the way they teach to meet the demands of this new job market. We have seen tremendous growth in schools working to build a solid STEM foundation through a well-rounded curriculum to ensure that students are exposed to math, science, and technology throughout their educational career.

The need for STEM teachers is therefore skyrocketing in independent schools as classroom learning becomes more collaborative and project-based. While all schools teach math and science, those with a STEM focus dive deeply into these subjects in hopes of better preparing students for the high-demand tech jobs of the future. Lessons are student-driven with children working closely together in a hands-on way to solve real-world problems. Learning problem-solving skills — and helping students develop into creative, critical thinkers — is at the core of any true STEM program. Schools are even adding special classes and programs such as robotics and engineering, and even state-of-the-art facilities like makerspaces, as they seek to prepare students for the future.

Educators who can teach STEM subjects are always in high demand, and anyone who has studied chemistry, biology, physics, calculus, mathematics, statistics, computer science, engineering, or any other STEM subject is great asset to a school. Teachers enjoy curricular autonomy and often don't use pacing guides or textbooks. Instead they engage in lesson and curricular sharing with their peer teachers and colleagues, and use the curiosity and questioning of their students to guide topics covered. They are interconnected with other educators around the world as well, and the amount of online resources available is infinite. Most importantly, STEM teachers enjoy being able to inspire students to use and gain knowledge in exciting ways, and watch them succeed in solving problems and answering questions.

The STEM Team at CS&A is excited to match passionate educators with innovative schools that are growing their STEM programming. The future of STEM is now. Apply to become a job-seeking candidate with CS&A if you're ready to get started in STEM today.

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