Communications and Marketing Jobs

You are a people person, eager to connect with others in face-to-face meetings, via witty and attention-grabbing emails, or through various digital platforms.

You are a goal-setter and an achiever, an odd blend of creativity and pragmatism. You use the power of words to achieve tangible results. If you possess these attributes and believe in the mission and goals of the independent school system, then a career as a Communications Officer or Director of Marketing at an independent school could be perfect for you.

Communications & Marketing Jobs at an Independent School

An independent school is a breeding ground for ideas, a safe space for creativity, and a sanctuary for knowledge. An independent school is its curriculum and its culture, its students and its faculty, its traditions and its new initiatives.

An independent school is also a business that needs to promote itself to remain viable. Thus, communications officers and marketing directors occupy a unique niche within an independent school community. They are a vital part of the educational community, yet they are also marketers and savvy business-people.

Our client schools are looking to hire Communications Officers and Directors of Marketing with excellent writing skills, who can craft engaging and substantive admissions materials, newsletters, and alumni reports. Increasingly, independent schools are using social media outlets — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, among others — to attract and engage a community of students and families. Successful candidates should be well-versed in these social media avenues.

Finding Communications & Marketing Jobs through CS&A

The CS&A Communications & Marketing Team places professionals in independent school communications positions each year. We also offer career counseling to professionals from the marketing, advertising, or non-profit communications worlds who are exploring the next step in their career paths.

We encourage you to apply for candidacy if your qualifications expressly include:

  • A bachelor's degree from an accredited university
  • Demonstrated experience in communications, marketing, or public relations
  • Strong writing, organizational, interpersonal, and creative skills
  • Knowledge of independent, private, boarding, college preparatory, and like-kind school culture and values
  • Strong references that convey a track record of success in the communications field
  • Skills, talents, and flexibility for contributing to the school community in additional capacities (coaching sports, advising extracurricular activities, serving as a dorm parent at a boarding school)

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