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Each year, CS&A attends college recruitment events across the country, including career and job fairs, information sessions, and interview days. We meet with some of the nation’s top undergraduate and graduate students who are passionate about their area of study and eager to share their love of learning with K-12 students.

Meet with CS&A at Your School

If you’re a student interested in teaching at an independent school, be sure to attend the career fair, information session, or interview day at your school.

You can search for dates CS&A will be on your campus in Handshake, Symplicity, or by inquiring at your school’s career services office.

We can’t visit every school across the country (although we’d love to!). You can still apply online for free to become one of our job-seeking candidates and work one-on-one with a Placement Associate who can guide you through the process of finding you your dream job.

Diana MacKenzie
Thanks again for all the career support. Iā€™m the first person in my graduate program cohort to be offered a job and I feel so fortunate that you came to Amherst College/Mount Holyoke for info sessions this fall and that I could sign on with CS&A. Having peace of mind that I have my dream job waiting for me after grad school is amazing!
Diana MacKenzie

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