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If you're looking for a new school job, you've come to the right place.

Carney Sandoe helps teachers, administrators, and coaches find jobs they love at K-12 private, independent, boarding, charter, and like-kind schools across the country and around the world.

Our Process

1. The Online Application
Get started by completing our free online application so we can get to know you. Your application is reviewed by a member of our Placement Group who specializes in your subject or area of interest. If we think we'll be a helpful resource in your search, you'll begin working one-on-one with a Placement Associate.

2. The Job Search
We help our candidates find jobs they love by getting to know you beyond your resume. You'll build a profile with us, and once we understand your career goals and job preferences, we send your profile to schools that match what you're looking for. We're here to coach you throughout the entire process, and advocate on your behalf to schools you're interested in.

Oh, and our service is completely free.

Our Placement Group

Each Placement Associate at Carney Sandoe works in a specific subject area. These areas extend from Spanish teachers to chemistry teachers to admissions officers. Placement Associates are experts in their subject areas, equipped with knowledge of what makes a candidate compelling for a given position. Our personal approach to working with candidates allows Associates to get to know you in greater detail and, more importantly, to understand the specifics about your job search so we can match you appropriately with targeted job openings.

Placement Associates also serve as partners in candidates' careers. In addition to presenting customized job opportunities, they provide advice on resumes, salaries, on-campus interviews, and serve as a sounding board for your career.

Adam Lang
I accepted the offer today - my wife and I are very excited. I want to thank you so much for all of your guidance and help over the last year plus. You've been an awesome resource and advocate and I sincerely appreciate everything you've done for me. And major props to Carney Sandoe as a whole. You guys put on an awesome hiring event in Boston and offer a really useful service for job seekers.

So I'll sign off for now and reiterate my sincere thanks for everything.
Adam Lang

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