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Sample Resume Series Part I: New Teacher

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It’s arguably the most important part of your file, but one of the most challenging to create: your resume.  The task: enumerate all your relevant accomplishments, education, work experience, skills, and interests…preferably on one page.  Sounds easy, right?

At any stage in your career, crafting a resume can be difficult.  How do you decide how to organize your life into bullet points?  How do you make sure your resume gets noticed?  Which experiences do you include, and which should you omit?

This fall, we’ll take you through a series of sample resumes for teachers and administrators at different walks of life.  First up: a soon-to-be college graduate, who is ready to meet CS&A staff on-campus at recruitment fairs and is gearing up to start interviewing for fellowship or first-year teaching positions in independent schools.

What should a good resume look like for this type of candidate?  There’s no one “right” answer.  This, though, represents a candidate at which schools would take a close look.

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