Carney, Sandoe & Associates’ Consulting Services Team provides management consulting support to heads of school, boards of trustees, and high-level school administrators.

Our consultants offer key insight and support to generate and implement strategic recommendations. Specific services include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Development audits and advancement consulting
  • Board governance
  • Mentoring (heads, trustees, administrators)
  • Board and Head of School relations and evaluation
  • Compensation consultation
  • New school founding
  • Board and leadership development
  • Program and curriculum assessment
  • Transition management

Our team consists of a network of experienced consultants with specialized skills in the key areas of school management. Using a combination of workshop and retreat formats, our consultants focus on measurable, meaningful results that make a tangible difference to a school’s success. We get to know your school and understand its challenges and strengths, ultimately making recommendations that frame strategic, success-driven outcomes.

Paul Zanowski
Skip Kotkins worked with us last week and did a wonderful job of quickly finding the pulse of our school. He has a remarkable capacity for connecting with a diverse range of constituents, digging deep to identify hallmark strengths while helping us make sense of our weaknesses. What I see emerging is an accurate picture of the school's challenges and opportunities that make us feel both eager and able to improve.
Paul Zanowski The Ranney School

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