An investment in the success of a leader is an investment in the success of an organization.

Our consultants have the added benefit of being highly successful former heads of school and utilize their training and experience to help school leaders grow personally, professionally, and strategically.

Empirical research has shown that equipping a leader – especially one new to an institution – with a strong support system is the best way to ensure success. Our Coaching and Mentoring team offers cutting-edge support that helps heads, key administrators, and trustees develop greater self-awareness and knowledge, improve communication skills, heighten emotional intelligence, and leverage strengths for their personal and professional benefit as well as the success of their schools. Their work is outcomes-driven and focuses on achieving results that meet your needs and the needs of your school.

A Custom-Tailored Process
Our coaches provide a confidential sounding board, offer an objective point of view steeped in leadership experience, and help identify areas of difficulty or leadership “blind-spots” that would benefit from a fresh perspective. Our goal is to help you develop greater self-awareness, knowledge, and leadership skills to help you and your school thrive.

Deeper Resources
Through our Placement, Search, and Consulting services, CS&A works with and visits more schools than anyone else in the industry, providing unparalleled knowledge about all types of schools. Our coaching work is supported by this deep pool of resources.

Experience and Perspective
Because our consultants are also involved in leadership searches, we uniquely understand the intersection of leadership and strategy. We bring to your leadership needs an extra level of knowledge of what is practical and realistic to your success and the success of a school.

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