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A Great (and Easy) Way to Get Noticed Before a Hiring Conference

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A CS&A hiring conference can be a great opportunity for you and your job search. Our eight hiring events this year connect top candidates with hiring contacts at independent schools. Two weeks prior to each event, schools and candidates can connect with one another using the messaging system in our Online Conference module. Importantly, school hiring contacts can review candidate files and invite selected candidates to interview on the day of the conference.

Your resume, personal statement, and letters of recommendation will all go a long way in helping you land that important interview in advance of the conference. What’s another good way to capture the attention of schools in which you’re interested? Record your CS&A video introduction.

Think of your CS&A video as a two-minute meet and greet: a way to make a human connection and resonate personally with hiring contacts earlier in the hiring process than ever before. When hiring contacts are inundated with candidate documents, a fresh and engaging video can help set candidates apart. Your resume and personal statement are great at showcasing your education and experience and selling your passion for teaching, but a video helps to put personality–your personality–into your file.

Recording a video is simple: all you need is a webcam and a quiet space. Log into CandidateConnect and go to the “Videos” section for some tips and your personalized link to complete your recording.

Our first conference, FORUM/Diversity in Philadelphia, is just over a week away. Give yourself the best opportunity to get noticed and make schools want to get to know you better—record your video introduction today.

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