After the Head of School, the Chief Financial Officer and the Director of Development are typically the two most highly compensated positions at an independent school.

Carney, Sandoe & Associates knows how important these roles are to the long-term health of every school. We are experts at identifying candidates whose skills and experience best align with each institution’s needs.

Our Consultants come from successful tenures as development and business professionals at colleges, universities, nonprofits, and independent schools. They leverage those experiences as recruiters and provide broad programmatic insight and personal hands-on experience throughout the entire search process and beyond.

Our talented development and finance Consultants engage in deep research into the financial history and needs of each school and then build every candidate pool from scratch. We know this is more challenging than spitting out names from a database, but as a consequence our approach yields deeper, more diverse candidate pools. Our approach is to look locally, nationally, and internationally for high-performing, mission-driven experts, drawing from the independent school community, higher education, the nonprofit sector, and even certain corporate and business sectors.

We pride ourselves in bringing valuable new perspectives and fresh candidates to clients. And because we have the benefit of CS&A’s enormous capacity, reputation, and reach, we are able to source broadly and strategically for talent and deliver robust pools of qualified candidates.

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