CS&A Women’s* Institute

CS&A's Women's* Institute supports women* and their allies in the education community by creating a trusted space for personal and professional advancement and mentorship.

The Institute connects thought leaders and experts with attendees who are eager to learn and grow in their individual journeys. From inspiring stories to actionable tips and advice, the Women's* Institute strengthens the advancement of women* in education.

The Women's* Institute will reconvene in 2025. 

Stay tuned for upcoming updates and announcements!

History of the Women's* Institute

Launched in 2017, the goal of our Women's* Institute is to contribute to the overall development and empowerment of women* in all stages of their professional journeys, whether that's serving as a teacher, head of school, friend, mentor, or classroom leader, and to provide a safe space for women* and their allies to discuss challenges and triumphs in the workplace and in life.

*We follow an inclusive definition of women. We are welcoming and respectful of women, including trans women and those who are nonbinary, gender non-conforming, and anyone who identifies as a woman or otherwise in a way that is significant to them. We also welcome allies who are committed to creating environments that are supportive of people who are typically underrepresented in the workplace and beyond.

This event does not include a hiring component similar to our hiring conferences.

CS&A's Statement on Women in Leadership

As a leader in placement and search services for independent schools, Carney, Sandoe & Associates pledges itself to increasing the number of women in leadership roles as part of our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We follow an inclusive definition of women and are welcoming and respectful of trans women, those who are nonbinary, gender non-conforming, and anyone who identifies as a woman in a way that is significant to them.

We believe in the importance of this work because our schools and their students benefit when leadership teams represent a balance in terms of gender and identity. Historically, the percentage of women represented in those teams—especially at the head of school level—has remained at an unacceptably low level (with the exception of schools for girls).

As we work with candidates, trustees, search committees, school leaders, and partner organizations, we will strive to find new ways to increase the number of women candidates and placements in traditionally underrepresented roles.

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