At Carney, Sandoe & Associates, we know that in recent years Catholic schools in America have emerged as the institutions of choice for families of all faiths—Catholic and non-Catholic alike.

And for good reason. These schools offer what families increasingly want for their children: high academic standards with a safe and inclusive culture infused with Catholic values but welcoming of all faiths.

Our Consultants are experts on Catholic schools. They understand and embrace the importance of mission and traditions that distinguish diocesan schools and enrich the student experience. They also know how to find transformational leaders who can honor these traditions while raising a school’s profile and value proposition.

To sustain momentum and capitalize on these emerging opportunities, Catholic schools require a new kind of bold and visionary leadership. Today’s Catholic school leader needs to be faith-filled and entrepreneurial, capable of raising the profile and value proposition of their schools and creating demand for the unique and powerful gifts of a Catholic education.

CS&A’s vast reach enables us to source broadly and strategically for talent and deliver robust pools of qualified candidates. We do not limit our sourcing to other Catholic schools or to traditional leadership platforms. Instead, we bring a dynamic search approach and look locally, nationally, and globally for high-performing, mission-driven leaders from a variety of career venues, such as higher education, the nonprofit arena, other independent schools, and certain corporate and civic venues.

We know of no other search firm that can deliver this kind of personalized and targeted service to Catholic schools.