What We Do

At Carney, Sandoe & Associates, we do the hard work of finding the right candidates for you. We know that every school is not created equal: a stand-out candidate for one community might not be a good match for another. Our experience, passion, and diligence allow us to make the right match between a school and a candidate — and we've done so over 33,000 times since 1977.

How does Carney Sandoe work for your school?

When a position opens at your school, you list it with us, either via the web or phone, and we get to work immediately.

Our Placement Group is divided by subject area. Each Placement Associate handles a specific area (e.g., Chemistry, Science, Admissions) and works with client schools to fill positions in his or her area. When you list a position with us, your Associate will send you a collection of appropriate candidates that she or he has personally culled from our proprietary database.

How does Carney Sandoe know which candidates to send?

When you list a position with us, make sure to provide as much information as possible regarding the criteria we should incorporate into our search. Do you need a math teacher who can also coach soccer? Let us know! Not interested in rookie candidates fresh out of college? Tell us! Your Placement Associate will review your notes and send only the candidates who expressly comply with your specified qualifications.

What does a candidate's Carney Sandoe file contain?

  • An application
  • A resume
  • 3-5 letters of reference
  • A personal statement
  • A transcript for undergraduate and/or graduate work

Candidates' files will also include personal comments written by your Placement Associate. These notes provide insights that you might not initially ascertain from the candidate's other materials. Since we interview nearly all of our candidates on the phone or in person, we often learn information that extends past the scope of their supporting documents.

How does this year stack up for Carney Sandoe?

More schools and candidates are working with CS&A than ever. Over 75% of all NAIS schools are current CS&A clients. In the last decade, our candidate pool has grown by over 80% and the number of placements we've made has grown by nearly 50%. Every year, we only accept those who we know will prove to be excellent candidates and positive additions to our client schools' communities.

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