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Recent News

11/19/2023 | Looking for a Summer Adventure? Check Out Putney Student Travel

When summer rolls around and the academic year has concluded, many educators often decide to seek unique and fulfilling summer employment experiences that align with their passion for teaching. If you’re an educator with a yearning for adventure over the summer months, becoming a trip leader with Putney Student Travel might be the adventure you’re

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two paper cutouts of people holding up a red flag together in support
11/07/2023 | Empowering Leadership: The Role of President and Principal in Catholic Education

In the world of Catholic high schools, the President/Principal model often takes center stage, addressing the diverse needs of their school community. Having spent over two decades in this dynamic landscape, I’ve witnessed the incredible impact of this leadership structure firsthand. It’s a bit like a finely choreographed dance where every move counts. So, what

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blocks with a single letter on each, spelling out the word success, then a final block, one side says full and one says ion
10/30/2023 | Hope Is Not a Strategy

A few years into what ultimately became a 20-year headship, two trustees on the Governance Committee suggested that I should have a succession plan…for me. At first, my heart sank. Were they sending me a no-confidence message? Or presaging my imminent demise? As the two of them (a chair of a prominent executive search firm

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Constance Cayton
10/24/2023 | “The Children Come First”

The epitome of educational leadership. The preeminent educator in the country. Friend.  “The Children Come First” was the guiding principle of Dr. Constance E. Clayton throughout her career of four decades in the Philadelphia School District as she rose from being an elementary classroom teacher in 1955 to becoming the first female and African American

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empty elementary classroom
08/21/2023 | 5 Things to Consider as You Set Up Your Classroom This Year

While there are still beautiful summer days to enjoy before the new school year begins, teachers across the country are already organizing their classrooms for the new group of students they will welcome in the coming weeks. Whether you are a seasoned educator, or just beginning your career as a teacher, setting up your space

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people seated in a large meeting room
08/17/2023 | , Designing Meetings That People Don’t Dread

Back to school brings with it the joy of fresh starts, clean notebooks, and tidy to-do lists. But the opening of school also generally means an onslaught of meetings, and for even the most zealous of educators, those meetings can prove more draining than inspiring. I don’t think it has to be that way. Over

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illustration of five stars in a row with a hand placing the fifth star
07/18/2023 | Summertime Kudos

We’ve all heard (and probably used) the phrase “teamwork makes the dream work.” As cheesy as the phrase can sound, we take its meaning to heart at Carney Sandoe. The strength of our firm lies not only in our collective efforts but also in the individuals who comprise our team. Without their unwavering passion, empathy,

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Three wooden game pieces, each gradually increasing in size, the left one is all wood color, the right one is all blue, and the middle one is half wood and half blue signaling transition
06/20/2023 | What Boards Need to Know About Interim Headship

This article appeared as “The Great In-Between” in the Summer 2023 issue of Independent School magazine. I’ll admit it: Not one person at any of the independent schools where I served as interim head of school—not one—was thrilled with the prospect of having an interim. I think it’s fair to say that most trustees, administrators, and

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2023 CS&A/TABS Scholars
06/16/2023 | Empowering the Next Generation of Educators: 2023 Carney Sandoe/TABS Summer Fellows

For the fourth summer in a row, we are thrilled to announce our continued collaboration with The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) as we award a group of remarkable college graduates the opportunity to attend the highly sought-after TABS Summer Session this coming July at Boston University. Selected from a pool of exceptional CS&A candidates,

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