An investment in the success of a leader is an investment in the success of an organization.

Empirical research has shown that equipping a leader with a strong support system is the best way to ensure success. Our mission is to provide an affordable source of support, feedback, and counsel.

A coach at CS&A serves as a confidential sounding board, offers an objective point of view steeped in leadership experience, and helps identify areas of difficulty or leadership blind spots that benefit from a fresh perspective.


Goals of Coaching

While goals vary by engagement, generally coaching helps to:

  • increase self-awareness of leadership and communication style
  • execute sustainable operational and governance practices
  • make difficult decisions and explore opportunities for creative leadership
  • understand the dynamics of change and change management
  • explore opportunities for personal and professional growth

Whom We Coach

Our coaching engagements have included leaders and leadership teams of all shapes and sizes, including:

  • first-time heads of school
  • heads new to a school (regardless of experience level)
  • experienced heads of school seeking coaching as part of their professional development
  • senior administrators
  • senior administrative teams
  • board chairs and board/head teams

Our Coaching Team

As highly successful former heads of school and administrators, our coaches utilize their training and experience to help school leaders grow personally and professionally. They understand the intersection of leadership and strategy and bring an extra level of knowledge of what is practical and realistic to your success and the success of your school.