Carney, Sandoe & Associates hosts several leadership institutes during the summer.  Each one is specifically designed to meet the needs of its participants. We are fortunate to have some of the most respected names in school leadership designing each program.  Please browse each description to find the right institute for you.

The Green Mountain Institute

The institute will focus on the importance of the relationship between the board chair and head of school, nurturing the trust and transparency that is critical to effective leadership of our independent schools.  Our team of leadership coaches and special guest speakers will offer high-impact content sessions and facilitated workshops to equip chairs and heads with the tools and skills they need for best practice governance and collaborative partnership.

The Well

Darryl J. Ford, Carney Sandoe’s Vice President of Education Leadership Services, has assembled a team of outstanding education leaders and coaches to shepherd the institute, with the goal of providing maintenance and sustenance for experienced school leaders to better serve their schools.  The program will include expert coaching and support in the areas of racial literacy, crisis communication, team-building, and well-being.

The Crow's Nest

Crow’s Nest seeks admission and enrollment professionals who want to challenge themselves to be a more effective and creative school leader. For 23 years, independent school admission leaders have returned to their campuses from Crow's Nest with a fresh perspective, a clearer sense of their leadership capacity, and the critical insights necessary to develop long-term strategies to sustain school enrollment. Now in its 24th year, the purpose of Crow's Nest remains unchanged: to motivate and enable participants to embrace their role to inspire, collaborate, and lead by meeting challenges with intention, urgency and strength.

The Gardner Carney Leadership Institute

The gcLi was born to address two essential needs. The world needs competent leaders as never before. And students, facing an unprecedented array of challenges and competition, need to be capable of leading others. Through an array of top-tier professional development programs, the gcLi teaches teachers to take advantage of the opportunities every day when leadership can be taught. Built on compelling research in brain science, developmental psychology, social-emotional learning, group dynamics, leadership studies, and more, the gcLi helps K-12 teachers develop in their students the capacity, the desire, and the will to lead.

The Women's* Institute

CS&A's Women's* Institute supports women* and their allies in the education community by creating a trusted space for personal and professional advancement and mentorship.  The Institute connects thought leaders and experts with attendees who are eager to learn and grow in their individual journeys.  From inspiring stories to actionable tips and advice, the Women's* Institute strengthens the advancement of women* in education.

*We follow an inclusive definition of women. We are welcoming and respectful of women, including trans women and those who are nonbinary, gender non-conforming, and anyone who identifies as a woman or otherwise in a way that is significant to them. We also welcome allies who are committed to creating environments that are supportive of people who are typically underrepresented in the workplace and beyond.

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