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Hiring Conference Best Practices for Schools

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Congratulations on registering your school for one of our hiring conferences! You're signed up for a unique event where you can meet and interview over a dozen talented and qualified educators who are interested in working at your school, all in one place. Way to go! You must really like efficiency.

We do to, and that's why we want to make sure you have a seamless experience both before, during, and after attending a conference. Whether you're brand new to conferences or just need a refresher on how to make the most of your time, here are some tips on ensuring an efficient and fruitful conference.

Utilize ORM to the Fullest

In ORM, you have the ability to see which conferences candidates are attending. It will be next to their name. If you see somebody that interests you, make sure they are on your schedule! Candidates who have pre-scheduled interviews are more likely to attend an event rather than canceling their registration. You can filter by conference (on the right rail) when viewing a position:

Plan Ahead

When you receive the login to the Conference Module (usually two weeks before a conference), block off the times you wish to be “unavailable” for interviews. A 30-minute break mid-day can go a long way when you’ve already interviewed six candidates and six more are on the way!

If you are attending the conference with a colleague, coordinating schedules can also be helpful as you plan for the day. Will you want to interview candidates together? Build separate schedules? Communication and planning are the key to a successful event.

Check Your Messages

Within the Conference Module is a Messages tab. Candidates who are interested in interviewing with your school can reach out to you here. The CS&A team will also send important logistic information via the Message feature, so it is a good place to keep an eye on, especially in the days leading up to a conference.

Ask for Help!

The CS&A team is here to help, both in advance and during the conference. Do you want recommendations of which candidates you should interview, or do you want us to build your schedule for you? Reach out to us! Our team is at the ready to assist with your scheduling needs.

Do you want your resume packet and schedule printed for you at the conference? Let us know! The more we can set things up for you in advance, the more productive and focused you can be on interviewing the day of the event.

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