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Searching for Next Year: Getting Your File Ready

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If you’re all set for employment for the coming school year, congratulations! Whether you’ve decided to renew your contract, assume a year-long position, or gain a new skill this year, you’re in a great spot to begin thinking about your job search for the following school year.

Summer is a slow time for immediate fall listings in independent schools, but it’s a great time to get ahead of the curve for next year’s job search. Though the majority of jobs are listed in the winter months, position listings for the following year can begin to trickle in during the fall.

If you’re an active candidate with CS&A currently, you’re at an advantage: you can perfect your CS&A file so that a complete, effective dossier is ready to be presented to schools as soon as they become aware of their openings.

Spend the summer making cosmetic changes to your file. Upload a professional photo that will personalize your materials. Record a video introduction that portrays you in a positive light, when you’re fresh, rested, and ready to make the right match. Turn a critical eye upon your resume, making sure it’s substantively and aesthetically appealing and complimentary to your skills and interests.

Take stock of your references. Do you have enough letters in your file? Are the best possible referees writing on your behalf? Make a list of people at your current school who could attest to your skills, experience, and personality. Seek them out early, giving them plenty of time to craft glowing letters of recommendation for you.

Finally, assess your personal statement. Is it interesting? Is it descriptive? Is it compelling? Does it represent who you are as an educator?

As you craft and hone your documents, think about the overall message: are they portraying you in the way that best fits your teaching style, pedagogy, and personality? Don’t think of completing your documents as tasks to be crossed off a list; rather, think of them as ways to show schools snippets of yourself – and get your foot in the door.

Spend some time in CandidateConnect, getting to know your file and seeing how it would appear to prospective employers. Time is on your side: use the summer to your advantage, and get that file good-to-go!

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