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Ten (Plus One) to Follow

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We want the world to come to our website, of course — apply to become job-seeking teaching and admin candidates, engage our services, read our blog, participate in the ongoing conversation about excellence independent school education. But we also have our favorite education blogs that we follow faithfully. So, after you’ve read The Puzzle Blog, we encourage you to turn the following spots for quick connection to valuable insights into education.

The Educator’s Notebook

A weekly selection of education-related news, opinion and research.
By Peter Nilsson

This is an excellent mix of links to articles related to education — some directly, some obliquely. From the practical, “Yes, Practice Testing Is the Most Effective Study Technique” to “What We Reveal Through the Way We Draw Circles (Who Knew?)” to “Is Post-Modernism Over?”

The Independent Ideas Blog

A dynamic blog linked to Independent School magazine.

Edited by Ari Pinkus, NAIS’s digital editor and producer, these original pieces explore cutting-edge issues in the independent school world — from improving school marketing, to character education, to explorations about the future of education. A link is included in each NAIS e-bulletin.


Podcasts, blog, and other resources on independent school marketing.
By Turnaround Marketing Group

We remember a time when school marketing was an afterthought, at best. That’s no longer the case. InspirEd’s “Brilliant Ideas and Brain Food” offerings explore the link between school marketing and institutional excellence — including practical advice, examples of successful school marketing, and interviews with some highly experienced independent school leaders.

Usable Knowledge

A free monthly newsletter connecting education research and practice.
By the Harvard Graduate School of Education

Each month brings a selection of tightly written pieces that connection research to classroom practices. The topics range widely across the K-12 spectrum, from diversity issues to mind and brain research, to helping students manage digital risks.


A monthly publication of recommended articles, books, research reports and media selections by and for independent school educators.
By the Klingenstein Center, Columbia Teachers College

This newsletter is an engaging compilation of readings that independent school educators have found informative or inspiring. Particularly useful are the short, on-point reviews of education-related books.

Diane Ravitch’s Blog

The tagline: “A site to discuss better education for all.”
By Diane Ravitch

Ravitch, education historian, former U.S. Secretary of Education, and professor at New York University, has been at the center of conversation on U.S. education for years now. She remains one of the most insightful and important (not to mention prolific) voices calling for quality education that truly serves all children.


Tagline: “How we will learn.”

This weekly blog on education taps into the conversation on develop growth mindsets, offers stories from teachers, explores recent education research, and more.


An online publication from the George Lucas Foundation.

The goal of this blog is to make education more engaging — for students and teachers. Lots of articles on social emotional learning, project-based learning, collaborative learning, and more. Of course, it has whole sections dedicated to Arts Integration and Technology Integration.

The Genius in Children

Tagline: “Insights into discovering the genius in our children.”
By Rick Ackerly

Ackerly has been the head of four independent schools and a longtime coach and consultant to schools, teachers, and parents. His blog is a spin-off of his book, “The Genius in Children,” and explores a wide range of education-related topics from “Creating a Life: The Purpose of School” to “A Dynamic Mind; Not a Growth Mindset” to “Social Anxiety? Get Smart, Not Mad.”

Not Your Father’s School

An exploration of essential and enduring truths in education.
By Peter Gow

Gow is among the hardest working people in independent education. A former teacher and administrator, he now serves as executive director of The Curriculum Group. He has also written numerous books and articles on education, blogs regularly, consults with schools and education organizations, and presents often at conferences and workshops. Everything he writes will make you think about what quality schools look like — and how we get there.

Jonny Sun

An experiment in Twitter humor as social commentary.
By Jonathan Sun

Ok, this one is hard to connect to education— except in the way intriguing social experiments encourage us to see the world from a new perspective. @jonnysun is the brainchild of Jonathan Sun, writer, MIT doctoral student, and Fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for the Internet and Society at Harvard. As one comedian described Sun: “He’s like Jane Goodall and we’re the apes.”

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