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You are an eclectic combination of character traits, at once ambitious and competitive as well as thoughtful and caring.

You know that a college education is necessary for the continued success of our nation's students. What's more, you understand that the viability of an independent school is directly correlated with the undergraduate admissions of its students. If you are looking to be a vital player in an independent school's leadership team and want to leave a tangible impression on the students with whom you work, then you should consider a position as a college counselor at an independent school.


The goal of an independent school is not merely to create happy, well-educated teenage students. Rather, an independent school derives  success from stewarding students to the next stage of achievement, preparing them for academic and professional success in and beyond college. Parents and students need assistance in the confusing and complicated college application process, and independent schools' college counselors fill this important position.

Counselors advise students and parents about standardized testing, college essays and applications, financial aid options, and more. The successful college counselor communicates well-with both families and college admissions officers-and conveys to students the “best-fit” schools for their individual skills and interests. College counselors should keep abreast of admissions trends at accredited universities and should be valuable resources for college-bound students at all phases of their independent school education.


The CS&A College Counselor Placement Team works with schools to recruit college counselors at all levels. We welcome candidates with college counseling or college admissions experience as well as former teachers or administrators with good writing and clear communication skills. We encourage you to apply for candidacy if your qualifications expressly include:

  • A Masters' Degree (preferred) or Bachelor's Degree from an accredited university
  • Previous experience in college admissions or counseling
  • Knowledge of a wide range of universities, including Ivy League, NESCACs, State University systems, and overseas universities
  • Experience teaching or working in an independent, private, boarding, college preparatory, or like-kind school setting
  • Exceptional public speaking, writing, organization, and communication skills
  • Ability to perform well under pressure and to meet deadlines
  • Experience interacting with young adults and their families, school administration, and college admissions offices
  • Ability to read people well, communicate clearly and firmly, and exercise both discretion and transparency
  • Sensitivity, openness, and approachability
  • Strong references that convey your college counseling abilities
  • Skills, talents, and flexibility for contributing to the independent school community in additional capacities. For example: Coaching sports, advising extracurricular activities, supervising a dorm at a boarding school, etc.

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