2017 Honorary Faculty

We are pleased and humbled to have an incredible group of educators as members of our Honorary Faculty.

Co-Keynote Speakers

Lisa Lyle
Head of School, MICDS (MO)
Lisa has been Head of School at MICDS since 2007. She is the former Assistant Head of School at The Blake School (MN) and a former faculty member, Housemaster, and Day Student Advisor at The Lawrenceville School (NJ). She serves on the boards of ISACS and INDEX. The Biz Journal - St. Louis named her the most influential “Business Woman of 2015.”
"I love being surrounded by bright women who are eager to make a significant contribution to the world. It makes me optimistic and reminds me we are in good hands!"
What about the Institute are you most excited about?
Becky Sykes
President, Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation
Becky was appointed President of the Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation in 2013, and she splits her time between the U.S. and South Africa. Before joining the Foundation, she was at Philips Academy in Andover for 40 years, serving in roles including Associate Head of School. She has presented at conferences across the country and serves on several boards.
"The Institute promises to be both thought-provoking and practical. Women who attend will be surrounded by others who are wrestling with the same big questions and are on the same journey. We may be at different points along the path, but most of us encounter the same essential challenges and chances."
Why is it important we host the Institute?

Honorary Faculty Members

Beth Beckmann
Lower School Head, Bancroft School (MA)
In addition to her role as Lower School Head at Bancroft School, Beth has held roles at independent schools in six different states including teacher, Middle School Head, Assistant Head of School, Acting Director of Technology, and Dean of Faculty, among others. She has also been a part of over 25 visiting accreditation teams for schools nationally and internationally.
"I am excited to be with and among women in our field. I am looking forward to the discussions, to being mentored, and to being a mentor to others."
What about the Institute are you most excited for?
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Karen Bradberry
Director of Equity & Inclusion, Greenhill School (TX)
Karen has been the Director of Equity & Inclusion at Greenhill School since 2014. Prior, she served as Director of the Future Leaders Program at the Bickel & Brewer Foundation for 5 years helping students in the Dallas Independent School District. She also worked at Greenhill for 10 years in the early 2000s as the Director of Multicultural Programs.
"To have the opportunity to grow, challenge, process, laugh, cry, or simply 'just be' as a woman in the company of other women who are on the same journey offers the ultimate learning experience. I have found that these safe spaces are the ideal setting in which transformative experiences occur. The Institute provides that space."
Why would you recommend the Institute to a colleague?
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Chelsea Collins
Middle School Head, The Kinkaid School (TX)
Chelsea began her career as a science teacher at a KIPP public school. She joined Kinkaid in 2003 and has since served as a science teacher, Assistant Admission Director, and Assistant Middle School Division Head before becoming the first female African American Middle School Head.
"Enjoy the journey and appreciate the views! Be patient; you will arrive at 'your' destination."
What advice would you give your younger self?
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Danielle Heard
Head of School, Nashoba Brooks School (MA)
Danielle has held teaching and coaching positions at The Emma Willard School, Dana Hall School, and Willow Hill School, and served as Executive Vice President of Programs and Operations at The Steppingstone Foundation. She serves on the boards of the Association of Independent Schools of New England, Belmont Hill School, and National Coalition of Girls Schools.
"A coach once told me, 'If you stop getting better, you stop being good.'"
What is the best piece of advice you have received?
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Laurie Lambert
Associate Head of School, The Winchendon School (MA)
Laurie has been Associate Head of School at Winchendon since 2015. Prior, Laurie worked for several prominent boarding and day schools, including as the Head of Upper School at The Perkiomen School (PA), The Montclair Kimberley Academy (NJ), The Taft School (CT), and Blair Academy (NJ), serving a various administrative and teaching roles.
"I am thrilled to be a part of an organization that is bringing together a group of powerful, ambitious, and smart women, so that we can talk about what it means to be an educator today, as well as a woman. I hope we can empower young women to think about what they want from their future."
What about the Institute are you most excited about?
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Carla MacMullen
Dean of Faculty, Hopkins School (CT)
Carla has worked in a variety of teaching and administrative roles at Hopkins School for 30 years. She will start a new adventure this summer when she moves on as the first female Head of School at The Kew-Forest School (NY). She will graduate this May with a M.Ed. in independent school leadership from the Klingenstein Center at Teachers College at Columbia University.
"Read more, find your passion and don't worry if it's not popular. Don't be afraid of the difference, and listen to and trust your inner voice."
What advice would you give your younger self?
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Felicia McCrary
Director of Student Life and Enrollment, The Galloway School (GA)
Felicia has been at The Galloway School since 1997. Before her current role, she taught world history to sophomores and later served as Assistant Principal of Upper Learning. Beyond the classroom, she has worked with several independent schools in the Atlanta area on a variety of issues around student life, diversity, and curriculum development.
"I think women are so strong and often forget to gain strength from peers. Sharing and supporting can feel like a guilty pleasure. So I am all for a day of "guilty pleasure" that uplifts and refuels us for the work we do every day!"
Why would you recommend the Institute to a colleague?
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Gabriella Rowe
Head of School, The Village School (TX)
Gabrielle has been Head of School at The Village School since 2014. When she began at the school, enrollment was at 1,400 students. One year later, it grew to 1,700. Before The Village School, she served as Head of School at The Mandell School (NY) for over 15 years, increasing enrollment from 42 preschoolers to more than 600 students worldwide.
"The education world has one of the most upside down gender equations of almost any industry. The only way to make a change is to support younger women to grow beyond these boundaries. We have the opportunity to bring gender balance to the educational leadership pyramid with one institute, one administration, and one teacher at a time. What better way to start this journey than at the Women’s Institute?"
What do you think is a big challenge faced by women in education?
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Ann Sullivan
Associate Head of School, Rye Country Day School (NY)
Ann has been at Rye Country Day School since 2014. Prior, she served as the Interim Head of School at The Lincoln School (RI), Head of School at School of the Holy Child (NY) for 14 years, and was at Friends Seminary (NY) for 25 years where she held various positions including Director of Development, Director of College Counseling, Director of Admissions, and Chair of the English Department.
"I have actually recommended it to several colleagues already. As a former Head of School, I learned late in my tenure that the single most important factor in encouraging women to take on new roles in schools is to ASK them to do it."
Why would you recommend the Institute to a colleague?
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Roxanne Zazzaro
Director of the Upper School, Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences (CA)
Roxanne has been at Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences since 2012. Prior, she worked at Brooklyn Friends School (NY) as Head of Guidance/Learning Specialist, Upper School Dean of Students, and Upper School Head, as well as at Cheshire Academy (CT) as a Learning Specialist and reading and English teacher.
"While many of our schools support women in leadership roles, the playing fields for the sexes is still not even. Strong women have had to learn to find strategies to channel strengths and voices. The Institute, hopefully, will allow women to support and guide each other. In turn, I hope that it will allow the participants and faculty to share experiences to come to a realization of shared experiences, support, and mentorship."
Why is it important we host the Institute?
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Search Group Faculty

Jennifer Christensen
Search Consultant
Since 2004, Jennifer has been a College counseling Director at several California schools including Marin Academy, Sonoma Academy, and Mayfield Senior School. Prior to her independent school work, Jennifer enjoyed more than 10 years in the admissions departments of many colleges, including her last stint as Admissions Director at Claremont McKenna College.
Sherry Coleman
Senior Search Consultant
Sherry served as the founding director of the Independent School Consortium (ISC) of Greater Philadelphia in Philadelphia, PA, an organization that works to support the hiring and retention of faculty of color nationally. She previously worked in school admission, and also served as a classroom teacher in both public and independent schools.
Amanda Riegel
Senior Search Associate
Amanda began her independent school career as a teacher and coach at Friends Academy (MA), later becoming Assistant Director of Development. She has served as the Assistant Director of Constituent Relations at Buckingham, Browne & Nichols School (MA); Admission Associate, teacher, and coach at The Wheeler School (RI); and Associate Director of Admission at The Gordon School (RI).
Marlene Shaw
Senior Search Consultant
Marlene has 14 years of experience as a Middle School Principal at Isidore Newman School (LA) and at Fort Worth Country Day School (TX). She has 15 years of Head of School experience, first at Chatham Hall School (VA) and subsequently at St. Mary’s Episcopal School (TN). Marlene is a National Board Certified Counselor.
Ann Teaff
Executive Coaching Consultant
Ann began her career in education as a teacher at University School of Nashville. From there, she went to Garrison Forest School (MD), serving as Chair of the History Department and a full-time teacher of history, while also the Faculty Director of the Service League and an Admissions Facilitator. She then served as Head of Upper School and Assistant Head for ten years. From 1998 to 2014, Ann was Head of School at Harpeth Hall School (TN).
Aggie Underwood
Vice President, Managing Associate
Aggie served as Headmistress of National Cathedral School (D.C.) from 1989-2003. She formerly served as Headmistress of Garrison Forest School (MD) from 1978-1989. Her board leadership experience includes President, Headmistresses Association; President, the Headmasters Association; President, National Association of Principals of Schools for Girls; and Trustee, National Association of Independent Schools, among others.

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