Human Resources Jobs

You are a meticulous organizer, a problem-solving virtuoso, and a champion of efficiency.

You thrive in the realm of human resources where your skills in people management, talent acquisition, and operational excellence make you an invaluable asset to any institution. If you're passionate about contributing to the smooth operation of K-12 schools and believe in the transformative power of education, then a career in human resources at a K-12 independent school could be your calling.

Human Resources Jobs at Independent Schools

K-12 schools are not just centers of learning; they are thriving communities with their own unique challenges and opportunities. Behind every successful educational institution, there's a dedicated human resources team ensuring the recruitment, development, and support of school staff. They create an environment where teachers and administrators can flourish, ultimately benefiting students. 

Our partner schools are actively seeking Directors of Human Resources, Associate/Assistant Directors of Human Resources, and Human Resources Coordinators who can navigate the specific needs of K-12 independent school education. Successful candidates will possess a deep understanding of the unique challenges in the field. 

Finding an HR Job Through CS&A

Our Placement Group collaborates with schools and job seekers to create ideal matches in the K-12 sector. 

We encourage you to consider applying for HR positions if your qualifications include:

  • A bachelor's or master’s degree in human resources or a related field 
  • Demonstrated experience in human resources 
  • SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) designation may be required 
  • Strong analytical, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills 
  • Knowledge of the education sector, particularly K-12 independent schools 
  • Strong references highlighting your track record of success in HR 
  • Flexibility and adaptability to contribute to the school community in various capacities, such as organizing events, managing facilities, or supporting extracurricular activities 
  • Authorization to work in the U.S. 

Embarking on a career in human resources at an independent school is not just a job—it's an opportunity to be part of an institution that shapes future generations. 

If you're interested in HR roles, apply now.

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