Hiring Best Practices Guidebook 2024

Carney, Sandoe & Associates is proud to offer our 2024 Guidebook on Hiring Best Practices for all our Member Schools!

After extensive research, CS&A has developed this 70-page E-Book which offers a wealth of important new material for any hiring administrator in K-12 private schools.  The Guidebook offers:
  • A full analysis of the current hiring landscape in 2024, both broadly writ and specifically within the K-12 education sector
  • The most recent trends among jobseekers and schools in terms of hiring, retention, and faculty development
  • A Best Practices Guide to most effectively recruit and retain teachers, coaches and administrators within this new and difficult hiring landscape
  • Valuable insights into the various perspectives of different types of job-seeking candidates, including Gen Z, Gen X, and everyone in between
  • A section on “Signals” and what might be expected for the future of K-12 education
The Guidebook is only offered to CS&A member schools. 
If you are not yet a member and want to access this important new Manual, please click below, or reach out to Jessica Wright (jessica.wright@carneysandoe.com), Director of School Services, to sign up for Membership today.


Access the Guidebook Here

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