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After the Head of School, the Chief Financial Officer and the Director of Development are typically the two most highly compensated positions at an independent school.

For nearly 40 years, CS&A has built a reputation of excellence in development and finance search. Our consultants come from successful tenures as development professionals at colleges, universities, non-profits and independent schools, and they leverage those experiences as recruiters. We are experts at identifying the candidate whose skills and experience best align with an institution’s needs.

Our talented development and non-profit professionals utilize deep research and targeted recruitment to build every pool from scratch for each search they conduct.  Bringing new perspectives and fresh candidates to clients, as well as a wealth of experience in the field.

Collegiate School
John Clark knows and understands schools; with great insight, he grasps their cultures, values and idiosyncrasies. His experience in development work coupled with his perceptiveness about schools meant for us that his identification and evaluation of candidates was perfectly aligned with our needs.
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